The Dubious Utility Of A Pipe At The Front Of Your Rifle Sling

The Sling Ding – Pat McNamara wants you to Lay pipe to be a better operator:

$30 over at TYR Tactical.

Pat McNamara is a 22 year United States Army Special Operations veteran and he says this “is an ESSENTIAL piece of kit every operator requires”. Direct quote bitches.

Sling-DingYo P… from one operator to another, should I really be trying to add ounces to my kit?  A wise man once said, that after a long day ounces are pounds… Real talk, no?

P.S. – I see you’re getting a lot of sun, and you’re wearing sunglasses.  Can I interest you in a notch hat?  Essential piece of kit as well if you ask me.

Thoughts?  You guys trying to spend $30 and lay pipe in your next op?  Let me know!


50 responses to “The Dubious Utility Of A Pipe At The Front Of Your Rifle Sling”

  1. Alright, this is some tactical mall ninja bullshit I am totally for, 9/10 I’m in an extremely wooded area when I’m shooting and I bench off trees quite a bit (do u even lift), but I think this might actually work for me, but yet again I have yet to meet another person that uses random trees as bench rests when shooting.

    1. Drapetomanius Avatar

      Hi. You just met one. I brace on trees as well.

  2. theblackknight Avatar

    doing the frank proctor sling wrap is about 30$ cheaper

    1. elephantrider Avatar

      That’s the same thing that popped into my head. Proctor sling techniques, take care of most of what this does. You also wouldn’t have a hard tube flopping around all the time either.

      By reputation, Pat is an awesome guy, but I fail to see the value of this. Besides, there is an 18 for $1.25 sale going on right here:

      That’s $29.90 off the regular price!

  3. so he’s charging $30 bucks for a piece of PVC pipe and a QD swivel???

  4. Pat McNamara, pro wrestler, 22 year Army Special Operations Veteran and James Yeager-beard buddy.

    1. derpmaster Avatar

      Based on his beard and clothing alone, it’s a safe bet that he lives in Scottsdale and probably drives a Hummer H2.

      1. Filmed in TYR’s parking lot, outside of Phoenix, AZ (in Peoria). Went there while TDY, met the head guy, nice people. I liked their PV material a lot. I would buy from them again. Just not this product…

      2. Mandaloin Avatar

        As a Scottsdale native, you’re right on the money.

    2. NoComparison Avatar

      Don’t EVER compare Pat McNamara to Yeager.

      Regardless of what we think of this product, Mac spent 10+ years in the US Army’s premier special mission unit. Rumor has it that he may have even ran the OTC.

      Doubt I’ll be buying this thing. But before you bust on him at all as a person, do some research into his background. The guy is as real deal as it gets with regard to having been there and done that…

  5. ummm…. plain and simple…. wouldn’t buy it.

    1. Whats my doppelganger doing here?
      There can be only one. :)

  6. SittingDown Avatar

    *double take* Thought it was Yeager until I heard the voice. He sounds like he smokes about 5 packs of Camel Wides per day. LOL

  7. So whose public parking lot is specops hero operating in?

  8. Matt in FL Avatar
    Matt in FL

    @1:14 — “It’s gonna help stabilize your platform both ergonomically and anatomically.”

    My platform? You mean my weapon or my gun? I seriously lose interest in just about anything when the person selling it uses a tacticool word when the simpler, more direct one will do.

  9. Wait wait wait, at first I legitimately thought this was a joke. Apparently it’s for real? What is wrong with this world

  10. StarvinPilgrim Avatar

    Between this and my magazine cooling fan I’m sure to get that security job at the mall.

  11. Or you could just stick your hand against the barricade an put the rifle in the web of your hand like everyone else.
    Also gonna be hard to market. I can see this maybe if you do a bunch of barricade work (or shoot around trees like Chase) but anyone who might actually use it will save $29.98 by just sticking a piece of PVC pipe on the sling they already have. Meanwhile the target market for these kind of things won’t buy it unless it comes in Multicam or Kryptec.

  12. “Gas it up and burn it doooowwwnn” ROFL. PMac is a pretty bad ass bro, but his pipe kind of flops around too much to make the ladies swoon. I hope there is some way to secure that thing down so it won’t accidentally flop out while operating.

    This tries to solve a problem with a very narrow scope. For someone who doesn’t have the DIY chops to do this themselves, and they have tiny, puny hands and can’t do as PJ noted above, I guess this is worth the $30. On the other hand, a sling can accomplish the same thing and serves multiple purposes. As Alton Brown says about kitchen gadgets, single-taskers suck…

  13. DinoRidingArab Avatar

    All he needs is the nautilus rotating rail and he’ll be operating with his eyes closed

  14. All of the capabilities he just tried to describe could have easily been achieved using that thing right next to his product… the foregrip anyone? The setup seems pretty redundant lol

  15. Whenever he “cants” his weapon sideways over the wall, what would be a car, or that car door; I wonder why the fuck not just keep it upright the normal way and if you need to fucking rest it against something rest it against that fancy forward grip?

    1. IE: Stop fucking tilting your rifles dickheads

    2. I thought the same thing. Is ii now an Operating Operator thing to cant the rifle like a gang member does with the Glock?

      1. You cant a handgun because it works for some people; it’s the natural course of the human arm. Try it next time you do single hand off hand shooting. Have a good day

    3. Drapetomanius Avatar

      A: To keep the lowest possible profile without muzzling the vehicle.

      1. I thought the same thing but then it occurred to me that if you’re firing over the top of a barricade with the rifle cocked for a low profile you’ve probable got your head down too far to really aim so you don’t really need any extra stability.

      2. 0:32

        yeah I’m not seeing how tilting the rifle makes his profile smaller…

        1. elephantrider Avatar

          This position has been around for a while and is taught by many. Yes, it is to get your head profile lower in relation to your cover. It can also be necessary if you have a partially obscured sight line in certain positions.

          Lay your carbine/rifle upright on a table with the bottom of the hand guard on the table top (simulated car hood). Then measure from the bottom of the hand guard to the centerline of you sights or optic. I get a height of 4″. Now do the same with laying the carbine/rifle on it’s side as Pat shows in the video. I get a height of 1″. So using this technique your eyeball and head are 3″ lower than with the carbine in its’ upright position. Every little bit helps when you are trying to avoid being shot in the head.

          1. Drapetomanius Avatar

            Yep. When bullets are flying around, people will do whatever they can to get as low as they can. This is the way to get as low as possibly you can without just hunkering down and waiting for death.

  16. Oh dear… First off the tacticool lingo gives me a headache… Start by getting rid of that.

    Then go somewhere besides what looks like a WalMart parking lot to film your ad.

    Then design something that isn’t just a piece of PVC pipe on a sling.

    1. it was such a good idea he had to film it in the home depot parking lot where he bought the pipe! These things can’t wait, someone might beat you to market!

  17. Maybe this would be ok on an AR pistol without turning it into an AOW with a vertical grip?

    1. I wouldn’t want to be the one to try it without an ATF letter of determination saying it wouldn’t be considered an AOW

  18. iksnilol Avatar

    Why not use a bipod or a foregrip?

  19. FlynnCastle Avatar

    This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen someone do to a sling.

  20. WTF did I just watch

  21. tincankilla Avatar

    when i think “Tactical sling ding” i think of exactly this. not the product, but the practice of an old operator spewing jargon while trying to sell me crap for way too much money. ie, “Yeah, Pat left the service after he did his 20 and went tactical sling ding for some outfit in AZ. supposedly you can make a ton of cash from retards.”

  22. If you have the length of your sling down, you could substitute duct tape for it and get the same results.

    1. Squirreltactical Avatar

      ^ This.

      Might even be cheaper than PVC, too!

  23. When I was a little bitty boy
    My Grandmother bought me a cute little toy
    GRAY PIPE hanging on a string
    She told me it was my Ding a ling a ling

    Oh my ding a ling, Everybody sing
    I wanna play with my ding a ling a ling
    Oh my ding a ling, my ding a ling
    I wanna play with my ding a ling a ling

    (with apologies to Chuck Berry)

    1. SittingDown Avatar


    2. PERFECT!!!!!!!

      That song makes me want to buy one more than the video did.

    3. Starvinpilgrim Avatar

      And the award for ENDO comment of the year goes to……………..drum roll please. M!

  24. johnny_funwrecker Avatar

    Im just curious if anyone knows what panels he has bolted onto his NSR(?) hand guard there. Ive been looking for bolt on rather than snap on keymod covers and haven’t seen any yet. Any clue?

    1. elephantrider Avatar

      It isn’t a Noveske NSR rail, it is a Larue PredatAR rifle with their proprietary rail and bolt-on covers.

    2. Brownells had some nice looking hard plastic one’s that i was going to order. Saw them on the front of their AWESOME ar15 catalog…

  25. So….just saw MAC use this in a class and it makes alot of sense. Especially on vehicles. Actually this video kind of corroborates why it is so useful… Regardless of the sling ding, His instruction style is great and he literally bombards you with golden nuggets of efficent, no frills tactics and methodologies. Maybe its because I have trained with him and have seen its use in person, but i think it actually has its advantages. Is wrapping the sling around your hand also effective, yes. But wouldnt not wrapping your hand around your sling be easier/ quicker? Just sayin,…….

  26. Mattification Avatar

    so I saw this and thought it was a pretty good idea, despite the fact that it does kinda scream tacticool/mall ninja. then it came to me, ya know what would work even better and still be pretty much ‘free’? a length of garden hose. it’s stiffer and easier to grip than just using your sling, plus it wouldn’t make any/much noise when flopping around. plus it would be stiff enough, but still have a little flex to allow it to conform to ‘irregular’ surfaces more? hmm… I’ve got a ton of that black soaker hose stuff hanging around. like a couple hundred feet. I could be rich….