Operators Gotta Operate – Harlem Shake

October 2013 and we’re still watching / listening to Harlem Shake vids I guess:

2nd-Amendment-Harlem-ShakeOh well this one gets a pass because it inovlves, guns, a bikini girl, and a taser.

Thoughts?  Would operate with?

Hat tip: Van


6 responses to “Operators Gotta Operate – Harlem Shake”

  1. theblackknight Avatar

    Does dude actually fucking have a hipster collar tattoo that says “serenity’?

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      He must love Joss Whedon films.

    2. Ohh schnapps! xD

  2. he wont be getten any for a while unless he uses that tazer…;)

  3. There vids are coming along well. Sarah is the primary reason to watch their channel tho. =)

    1. Drapetomanius Avatar

      Honestly, he’s just in the way. So is the gun. And the jokes. And the swimsuit.