Comme Des Fuckdown With Your Gun Control

MrColionNoir talks about Gun Control in a vacuum:

Let me break the ice on this post with a little joke:

What do gun control and vacuums have in common?  They both suck.  *ba dum tssssss*

MrColionNoir-Defend-Freedom-Tshirt-ENDOHypebeastin’ and kicking knowledge.  This is a damn good video that raises a bunch of very good questions the anti-gun should be asking themselves.

I have a few apples left to eat tonight, so I don’t have time to look at the comments but I’m sure some guys were like “Why does your shirt have a heart with eyes sir?”.  Then they find out the brand from someone down with menswear / streetwear, google it and flip out about the price. haha people just don’t get it Collins.  I knock your hypebeast tendencies but truth be told I have them just as bad, people just don’t see me in front of the camera.  I don’t need the fame, I’m just happy blessing the general public with the fly kit I rock daily. ;)



9 responses to “Comme Des Fuckdown With Your Gun Control”

  1. SittingDown Avatar

    The best way to control guns is to use the shoulder thing that goes up. :D

  2. Steveweiser Avatar

    He needs to lose those dumb hats.

    1. Synscear Avatar

      some folks like them, some don’t. to reach his own.

  3. he needs to go dumber with the hats. Trolling the viewers increases views

  4. EntropyWorks Avatar

    I have one negative comment about the video which happens to be right in the freeze frame above. A gun sitting in a dresser drawer. Now I really don’t know in what situation I would leave a gun in my dresser like that. Maybe if I lived in a actual war zone like Syria, but at that point I would have even bigger safety issues. In most of the US I personally would put the pistol in a gun safe. Even one of those thin walled electronic safe that takes very little time to open would do. Sure you may say you need to get to it right away but do you have kids, ever invite company over, carry your pistol everywhere at all times even at home? If its not on your person in a holster it needs to be secured better than your underwear and shirts. I bet everyone here knows The 4 Basics Rules For Safe Firearm Handling. Maybe we should add a Fifth rule. #5 Always secure your firearm because not everyone will obey or know rules One through Four.

    1. I agree with you, but I believe it was just an illustration making a point to back up the words coming out of his mouth. Showing a gun safe in the back of a closet wouldn’t quite get the point across. This is “Everyday no days off”; Not gun safety 101.

      1. EntropyWorks Avatar

        Yes, it’s some random stock footage that matches up nicely with what he said. However, as gun owners, we need to be careful about what images we use to illustrate our points. For instance, if he used a stock photo of someone muzzle sweeping a room full of people, we would be all over it for perpetuating negative stereotypes about gun owners, and also for reinforcing an unsafe habit. I think it’s the same problem here – it makes it look like he endorses this unsafe habit, which gives a bad impression and encourages others to do it too.

        1. Copy that. You’re absolutely right. I was just assuming we all know the rules here, but you know what they say about assuming.