U.S. Army Co-Create – Potential Trolling Trove Or Treasure Trove?

The U.S. Army is crowd sourcing ideas to help soldiers:

To add an idea all you need is a Facebook or Google+ account…. this could get dangerous for trolling.

One more thing… they should probably rethink the “Co” part of their logo considering it looks dangerously close to the Adobe Creative Cloud logo:


Instantly I was like, oh that’s cool Adobe is working with the Army… then I was like no wait.

Thoughts?  Do you think anything good will come of this, or will it turn into dick jokes and inappropriate ideas very quickly?


4 responses to “U.S. Army Co-Create – Potential Trolling Trove Or Treasure Trove?”

  1. I am going to submit my idea for robots that are able to operate under articficial intelligence and can patrol streets during times of unrest and kill if orders aren’t complied with.

    I also want to submit another idea for cloning humans and teaching and disciplining them to a fighting age to serve as soldiers or within the government.

    Oops… I forgot both those projects are already active.

  2. I’ve been toying with one idea based on the LRAD that causes sonic cavitation in the body. Essentially it would work the way litohtripsy breaks up kidney stones, but would work against hard bone. The result would be pulverizing the skeleton with sound at extended range.

    Now, only if I could make it man portable, we could send our soldiers into battle armed with the Weirding Way.


  3. Every grunt that can type is going to troll this. For example, I’ve already submitted a design for a semen catch that will allow men to *do work* without clogging up those weak little pipes on the FOB.

  4. cottewmitch Avatar

    maybe someone should send up the us constitution. maybe someone will think its a neat idea.