Ballin On A $2500 Budget – What Guns To Buy

Mattv2099 takes time off from trolling and gives his honest thoughts:

Mattv2099-Pancake-PenetrationWhaaaaaaaaaaaat, no AR-15?  Dude, we’re no longer friends. ;)

The AK’s, the .308, the 10/22, Mossberg 590 or Remington 870… cool.  The Glock 19 is a great choice as far as I’m concerned too.



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  1. 2500 budget? Fuckin Scar-17 with a Eotech.

  2. 2500 dollars?
    Sig 516 and a Glock 20.

    Why have a Glock 19, when you can have a 20!

    1. Because the G19 is easier to shoot, easier to conceal, and if you need anything bigger, then just grab your rifle.

    2. because your penis is bigger than 4″ thus not needing to over compensate.

  3. “$2500 is pretty affordable for everybody” – who the fuck is that ‘everybody’?? Sure ain’t me….

    1. That’s $2,500 for four guns and one optic; there’s little benefit to buying everything at the same time. Thus, it’s implied that those looking to follow the advice of the video are going to buy them individually as they can afford them.

      Keep in mind that his budgeting also assumes that everything will be bought new at full retail markup. I went to a gun show the weekend after Sandy Hook, bought a police trade (TCDJ) in 870 magnum for 230 out the door. Ruger 10/22 rifles are also fairly ubiquitous, and can often be found for very reasonable prices second-hand; figure $200-300 depending on how quick you want it. G19 pistols tend to be fairly common on the second-hand market; Figure $375-450 depending on configuration (sights, generation, etc.), accessories, how fast you want it, and luck. I’m not sure about AK rifles, but I’ve been able to find department trade-in Colt AR15 rifles for ~$800 +/- on a fairly regular basis. So, all told, figure that you could get roughly the guns he recommends for $1,700 +/- if you’re willing to go with used guns.

  4. Can’t help trolling at 3’52, when referring to Assault Clips for Glock 19.

  5. AK thing makes sense, I had a “parts” AK74 that was nothing but stovepipes.

  6. Mossberg 590; not 580

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Oops.. Typo thanks I corrected it.

  7. Taylor TX Avatar

    Are you sure hes taking a break from trolling or just continuing to troll? Ive seen a few of these budget arsenal vids on that looked serious. MattV is incapable of doing something serious hah
    so when in doubt, troll it out?

    1. I am offended and disgusted that you would dare suggest this video is anything but top level, tier -10, operational , factual and legitimate information.

      I am attempting to create a valuable resource in my channel. A place where anyone can come and feel welcome while learning pretty much anything ever related to firearms… Ever.

      Please give me your youtube username immediately so I can block you. And block everyone who has had the musfortune of subscribing to you.. And block everyone who has subscribed to someone who has subscribed to you.

      When in doubt, troll it out.


      1. Matt in FL Avatar
        Matt in FL

        Wait. Tier -10. I’ve never heard of this elite level of operations. I’m at Tier 1, and I’m going to the mall tomorrow to get my sign-off for my Tier 0 certification. Where do I go to get the next level? CarniK Con?

        1. A carniK con COA will bump you up a tier or two.

          This vid is mostly serious. Slight trolling here and there.

          If you add an AK pistol a ruger SR22 and at least a second glock you have my ideal go to weapons cache.

          And when I’m truly ballin I’ll probably add a 308 AK carbine and a 308 bolt gun.

          1. Matt in FL Avatar
            Matt in FL

            I’d love a CarniK Con COA, but I don’t think I’m elite enough.

            I actually didn’t think your vid was trolling at all (well except for the “assault clips” part). I actually own everything there but the new-man AK, so I totally agree with you. Except for the GLOCK-brand GLOCK 19. I prefer my XDm.

      2. MattV2099-
        It’s a fucking YouTube channel…you are acting like you are adding valuable resource to the Library of Congress or something. Most gun owners trying to build their stockpile can 1) ADD. 2) have access to the internet. I’m very happy for you in that you think you have the best YouTube channel with the most resourceful and useful information on the internet…self-confidence is everything.

        But I got news for you, the channel ain’t that great. In fact, it pretty much fucking sucks.


        Go fuck yourself.

        1. Do you even operate?

          1. Demolition Ranch Avatar
            Demolition Ranch


        2. Matt in FL Avatar
          Matt in FL

          I truly hope that YouTube comments don’t survive for our descendants to know us by.

  8. Demolition Ranch Avatar
    Demolition Ranch

    I love the pancake pic. Can’t get much more operator than killing pancakes.

    1. You operate quite operationally.

  9. You can get a reg 870 or mossy 500 and save alot over the 590, get a base 10/22 and save over the tactical model . used browning hi power for 1/2 the cost of a glock and still have hi capacity. and Yeah the AK , just get a beater AK , its a truck , not a hot rod . do it all for 1/3 the price

    1. Matt in FL Avatar
      Matt in FL

      A base 10/22 is $279 list, the tactical is only $329, and for that you lose 0.7 lbs and pick up an optics rail and a threaded barrel. Since the whole point is to put an optic on it, I think it’s worth the extra money. That 0.7 lb difference in the rifle weight nullifies the additional weight of the scope.

  10. just took a break from operations in an operating environment with operators who all are skilled in dynamic operating conditions.

    My .03 (I add another cent because I operate):
    1. Quality AR15 for $1300. Yes it can be done and you can even source it with many enhancements over a basic M4. Brands of parts to use: Daniel Defense, Bravo Company, Centurion, Colt, Geissele
    2. Quality handgun in 9mm – I like Glock either 19 or 17. $550
    3. 10/22 or mid-quality bolt action .22 LR $250-500
    4. 12 gauge pump shotgun. Mossberg Remington or even a Benelli nova/super nova $400-650

    I like AK’s myself but I think most hobbiests or even operators would get more enjoyment from an AR as they can be easily configured to a variety of setups. Besides I spent more money than I would want to mention on modifying my AK to be more like an AR.

    Better plan over the $2500 arsenal is getting one or two firearms that are the most use to you and spending the rest on ammunition.

    1. ….getting one or two firearms that are the most use to you and spending the rest on ammunition….

      Amen. And maybe a few extra magazines.