Operation Supply Drop – Sending Video Games To Troops

Right on… I like this idea:

Operation-Supply-DropBoosting morale and helping fight PTSD!  These guys sacrifice so much for the country, at the very least they should be comfortable when they aren’t being shot at.

There is a very reasonable and well thought out indiegogo campaign running right now to raise money for this.  Hit the link to go check it out and help out if you can!

This really seems like something the government should already be doing… it’s too bad they aren’t.  I’m sure there are millions of dollars squandered on useless crap to boost morale and fight PTSD which doesn’t work half as good as these video games will.


Hat tip: Steven


2 responses to “Operation Supply Drop – Sending Video Games To Troops”

  1. hnl.flyboy Avatar

    …Except anything remotely nice will be snatched up by a POG-ass REMF, and not given to the guys that really need it. Not like they could use it at a remote PB or FOB anyway.

  2. My stepbrother is in Afghanistan right now and he said some of the guys biggest complaints is that they can’t get GTAV. They do however have a larger game collection than I do.