High Demand For Ivory Products Results In More Dead Elephants

Poachers gonna poach. Vice takes a look:

Holy that makes me mad.  It’s a tough call though since there is a market for it.  I mean if you live in Kenya and your wife and kids are literally going to die if you don’t shoot and elephant and cut out its tusks, then I suppose that’s what you have to do.

They need to squash the market by throwing people who traffic ivory, and the people who buy it in jail for a very long time.

3:30 – I guess I knew they wouldn’t be using carbon fiber compound bows, but I didn’t think they would be working with something that primitive!

Elephant-Gun-Sketch-Drawing4:03 – Is that an HK G3? $100?!  I’ll take all you have sir.



4 responses to “High Demand For Ivory Products Results In More Dead Elephants”

  1. SittingDown Avatar

    This is how you stop poaching and save a species from extinction:


  2. This is the exact wrong way to do it.

    They need to think of the elephants as a crop. Look at the hunting industry (for lack of a better term.) How about a free market solution? What happens to the “rangers” when the money runs out?

    Too much regulation, too many out of country, people telling them what to do with their land.

  3. Thinking of them as a crop is exactly right!

    Is there any animal we raise for meat in any danger of extinction?

  4. Steve D. Avatar

    I blame the evil Asian countries. Their absurd fairy-tale “remedies” are an endless cause of animal suffering – eating live monkey’s brains, killing tigers for their teeth/bones, extracting bile from the gall bladders of live bears in tiny cages, cooking cats & dogs alive because they say “it tastes better”.

    The sick bastards who do or enable these acts should be subjected to them theirselves.