Operator Status Directly Proportional To Aftermarket Handgun Mods

Machining more “grip” into a stock handgun slide:

Glock 19 + Trijicon RMR co-witnessed with the suppressor height sights?! Damn that’s hot.

Innovative-Gunfighter-Solutions-GlockFat chance I’d let a company etch their logo on the side of my gun, worse yet that gross looking IGFS one!  I’m assuming that logo is optional though (hopefully).

You can check out Innovative Gunfighter Solutions over at their facebook page if you’re interested in finding out more about their work.

Thoughts? Would operate with? Wouldn’t operate without?


15 responses to “Operator Status Directly Proportional To Aftermarket Handgun Mods”

  1. Blazing Zero Avatar
    Blazing Zero

    Oh look a “Keep calm and X” shirt, how original….

    1. Blazing Zero Avatar
      Blazing Zero

      No offense ENDO LOL

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        hahah no offense taken at all. I’m happy with the way mine turned out. Was definitely ahead of the curve at the time when I released them.

  2. I was unaware that press checks are so vital to operator’s while operating in operations that they needed additional slide serrations to accomplish this. I guess I just don’t understand…maybe if I had a neckbeard.

  3. Tierlieb Avatar

    I know this is just making good fun, but to answer the questions anyway: If you put a red dot on the back, it gets harder to grip the rear end of the gun (unless you use the sight as lever, which means you get sweat and grease on them), so adding serrations to the front seems prudent.

    Milling more serrations also makes the gun ligher, which can compensate for the additional weight of the red dot (depends though: The amount of material you need to take off for a JPoint compensates the additional weight, for Aimpoint Micro not so much, dunno about the RMR they used).

    Using higher suppressor sights to clear the red dot is an idea that Gabe Suarez promoted years ago along with the whole concept of the red dot pistol.

    As for the use of press/brass checks: Personally, I do them quite often, sometimes even in combination with an even more “operator as fuck” mag check.

  4. Hard_Harry Avatar

    Operator status is also directly proportional to the amount of manicuring of ones beard. Extra points gained for shitty sleeve tattoos, operator sunglasses & low crowned cap with overworked bill. +10 for overly robotic gun handling movements.

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      Don’t forget the notches on hat, rail mounted pistol holster, ninja turtle back pack, and tactical arm tape. :D

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        Recipe for the greatest Halloween costume ever!

    2. elephaantrider Avatar

      “overly robotic gun handling movements” are best used when showing of unnecessary slide machining.

      My list of reasons why this shit is unnecessary:
      1. Use the friggin’ slide release to load the gun. Whether it is an admin load or an emergency load the slide release lever does the job faster and better that grabbing the slide.
      2. If you are using the slide release then you are only grabbing the slide when press checking for an admin load and are doing so under non-adverse conditions.
      3. You don’t even need to do press check is you simply look or feel for the ‘loaded chamber’ indicator on the extractor. Or look at the chamber and see brass through the small opening at the chamber area on a Glock.
      4. If you are having trouble gripping the slide: man up and build some grip strength, it will help your actual shooting ability and in grabbing slide. Actual shooting being more important anyway.

      1. elephaantrider Avatar

        Should have watched the whole video before finishing my rant.

        “Helpful in running the gun one handed” Oh please. If racking the slide one handed the sights are going to be used against a belt or a pocket, cuff, etc.

        These look a lot like SPEED HOLES to me.

  5. The “operator as fuck” mag check can only be performed by those true mall ninja super secret operators while operating covertly in a public place for maximum operational effectiveness… say like WalMart or the dollar store. Think of the children ……

  6. BBJones Avatar

    Umm where was his girlfriend’s ass in this video?

    1. kobrabubbles Avatar

      She must’ve been breastfeeding at the time.

    2. jim bob Avatar

      i came for the notches, and would have stayed for the ass.

  7. Ribbed for corys pleasure