Gun Shows Enable Gun Violence

Only the girls working / shopping at American Apparel and old ladies can pull this look off:

OH NOES, gun shows brought back to Westchester County *googles Westchester County* OH NOES! NEW YORK!  haha

0:08 – Making it easier for the criminals and the mentally ill to buy guns.  <— “Gun show loophole” alive and well

0:13 – Sup?

Wait… I’m assuming the people they lost were killed at gun shows, right?  Oh they weren’t?  Were the guns all bought directly from gun shows?  In Westchester County even?


This Rob Astorino guy is a problem…. AmIrite guys? *eye roll*  Thoughts?


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  1. bandroidx Avatar

    Didnt they close the “gun show loophole” in Ny when the NY politburo passed the safe act? How then are gun shows making it easier for anyone to buy a gun?

  2. Private party longarm sales were theoretically banned under SAFE, but were already disallowed at gun shows. No longarm registration outside of NYC and its boroughs, so how anyone would know anyway is a mystery. Pistols can actually be transferred/sold between private parties, but since the seller has to “delete” their gun from their permit and the “buyer” has to add it in a regimented way that goes through the county’s PLU (Pistol License Unit) it’s considered OK to continue doing so.
    Astorino suspended the gun shows anyway after Newtown – it hasn’t returned to the County Center yet, supposedly due to some sort of lingering dispute over terms with the show’s producer.
    Astorino is a good guy to gun owners, but not exactly the guy Westchester gun owners have needed for decades. Still a huge improvement over his predecessors.
    The County *Clerk* is an elected position with tremendous power in County government. The current guy is not gun friendly, and transferred the friendliest, most pro-gun staffer in the PLU to a different department. In addition, in the name of “streamlining” he actually hindered the flow of permits and amendments to the bench (judges sign off on permits and amendments. A few outstanding ones expedite them, most simply make it “not a priority” over their other paperwork). A supposedly pro-gun clerk is running against him, and I wish her luck.
    His opponent Bramson is mayor of New Rochelle. A part-timer making a high five-figure salary, he voted himself a raise, has lifetime benefits, raised taxes and drastically cut public services. A New Rochelle police officer shooting next to me at my local range told me about the mutual contempt between Mayor Bramson and rank and file public sector employees.
    Yes, parts of New Rochelle, Mt Vernon and Yonkers are pretty scary, but Westchester County does NOT have a gun violence problem, or an especially severe violence problem in general. It’s a safe place to live. As far as I know, firearms recovered from crime scenes were rarely traced back to the gun shows at the County Center.

  3. The Other Dave Avatar
    The Other Dave

    Hahaha. Westchester county. Lolz. Half my family lives there and they totally think like that. I’m glad the other half had the good sense to move to Tennessee.

    1. I’ve lost four of my range friends, whose vague moving plans crystallized upon the passing of the SAFE Act.

      1. SittingDown Avatar

        Poetic. LOL

  4. Sad thing is a ton of Westchester residents are the dumb city type that are pro gun control. They’ll take the bait.

  5. Obviously this Rob Astorino guys is evil.

  6. czbeardly Avatar

    I might be just a humble Swedish bearded fatbloke, but I am quiiiiiiiite suuuuuuuure that criminals do not buy their weapons at gunshows… like 99.99%

    However bonkers Sweden might be, it is up to all the clubs to deny a person from getting their basic licence needed to get a handgun permit and most clubs are very hard on this policy, becuse if a member would, lets say perform a violent guncrime, they would partly be responsible for alowing that person to get his licence. It does happen mentally ill people manages to get past this and get a legal licence and shooting up the place, but that so for to my knowledge has been 1 person here in Sweden… one… and he was to afraid to purchase an illegal weapon from a criminal becuse he was afraid of them…

  7. “Would it make you feel any better, little girl, if they was pushed out of windows?”

  8. Hell, this looks like a damn good reason to vote for Rob.

  9. SteelerFan Avatar

    That mag doesn’t even look seated. I think there was a post on ENDO earlier when the Moms Demand Action idiots put out the ads with the little kids holding ARs, and how those mags didn’t look seated either. Either these people don’t at all know anything about firearms or they didn’t seat the mag to try to show its baby killing power. “ROB ASTORINO DIDN’T EVEN SUPPORT THE SAFE ACT, I MEAN LOOK AT HOW LONG THIS MAG IS! ITS PROBABLY KILLED 20 BABIES AND A GRANDMOTHER ALL BY ITSELF”

  10. SittingDown Avatar

    “I couldn’t understand what this old man was saying.” Closes video after 5 seconds.

  11. Sledgecrowbar Avatar

    Holy shit, she said magazines! They’re getting smarter!