Take A Bro To The Range Day

Richard Ryan participated in the September 16th “Take A Bro To The Range” day:

What no binary explosive in tubs of creatine? No hair gel ballistic test slowmo footage? Brah what the hell?

Bro’s YouTube channel is called Prank vs Prank.  Unless it’s all staged, I don’t know how two people could live like that.

Behind the scenes:

I hate to think what this prank video involving his girlfriend and guns is going to be haha… this might not end well.  Well I’m sure it will end well actually because Richard Ryan is safe.

Bro is actually a military veteran!  I didn’t see that coming for some reason… I just figured he was a professional prankster / hair model.

Richard is wearing the Deagle Brand Deagle t-shirt in the behind the scenes video.



5 responses to “Take A Bro To The Range Day”

  1. bandroidx Avatar

    god i hate prank vs prank. its gotta be 90% staged too, i agree.

  2. bandroidx Avatar

    and watching shit got shot with a slow mo camera is feeling completely played out already, id take 10 matv2099 glock torture videos over these fucking slo mo vids these days.

  3. HAHAHAHA. Mike needs to see this one.

    That prankvsprank guy uploaded “fruit assassin” on one of his other channels. great vid.


    1. SittingDown Avatar

      You need to make a video where a drone carrying a Glock comes out of no where and hands you a Glock Cake. Then you reach into the cake and pull out the Glock and shoot a bobble head of Pierced M. Organ (you can tape a picture on the face) then put the Glock back into the cake and the drone flies off. The background music should be Super Mario Bros theme sped up. Instead of a slow motion shot of the bobble head exploding, you speed up the video 10X. ;)

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahah thanks for the heads up Matt!