Black NRA Video Response

MrColionNoir speaks on the Black NRA video I posted about yesterday:

MrColionNoir-ENDO-New-York-Reload2:34 – ROFL best part.  That would make a great sample for a song.

ARGH that autofocus haha.



13 responses to “Black NRA Video Response”

  1. Therealcombatwombat Avatar

    Colion Noir at his best.

  2. Well said sir. But your opinion doesn’t matter. Only skanks like Silverman, who tolerate everyone, have opinions that matter.

  3. Read her wiki page. She’s actually a sad individual with no purpose. She’s still a bed wetter.

  4. Colion put the smack down on that candy-ass. Completely justified.

  5. ZBalentine Avatar

    Flawless Victory!

    Finish Her!

    1. Taylor TX Avatar


  6. Matt in FL Avatar

    MCN at his best. I have totally renewed my man-crush on this dude.

  7. heavyfire7537 Avatar

    Wow!!!! I love this dude.

  8. roadcoder Avatar


  9. Moar.

  10. That was AWESOME.

    We need citizens like this in office.

  11. Amazing, as usual.
    But, “Your common-sense offends me,” says Sarah.

  12. Needed a mic drop at the end.