ENDO Apparel Deal – Buy T-Shirts And Get Money Off A Hat

Your pick of the entire lineup of hats, discounted with the purchase of one or more t-shirts:


There’s a new deal I’m running on hats (while supplies last). This deal is not available on Amazon.com orders. Here’s how it’s going to work:

For every t-shirt you add to the cart, you are able to get $5 off the purchase of a hat on that order. Yes, if you purchase 8 t-shirts the hat will be free. Here are the discount codes:

  • 1 t-shirt + any hat use HAT5-OFF
  • 2 t-shirts + any hat use HAT10-OFF
  • 3 t-shirts + any hat use HAT15-OFF
  • 4 t-shirts + any hat use HAT20-OFF
  • 5 t-shirts + any hat use HAT25-OFF
  • 6 t-shirts + any hat use HAT30-OFF
  • 7 t-shirts + any hat use HAT35-OFF
  • 8 t-shirts + any hat use HAT-FREE

Head over to ENDO Apparel to place your order.

For orders placed 30 days ago or less:

To make it fair for people that ordered in the past 30 days here is what I’m going to do. If you email me ([email protected]) your order number(s), the total number of t-shirts you purchased within the past 30 days will be taken into account and I’ll give you an additional credit code to be used on your next order which includes a hat and a t-shirt. People who ordered on Amazon will have to wait 30 days from their last order date for their code to be active. Those who ordered directly from ENDO Apparel will get to use their code instantly, even in conjunction with one of the ongoing deals. This initial batch of credit codes will be valid for 30 days from the date of issue. This is all while supplies last so make sure you get your order in while I still have stock.


Say you placed 3 orders in the past 30 days, totaling of 7 t-shirts. I’ll verify the order numbers you emailed me and give you a credit code for $35 off a new hat / t-shirt order. Keep in mind you can use this in ADDITION to one of the other current deals. So say in your next order you buy 3 t-shirts + 2 hats, which would normally come to $155…. you apply the credit code I gave you, and because you have 3 shirts in the cart I’ll refund $15 back to your credit card. The new total of your order will be $155 – $35 – $15 = $105! I can re-explain how it will work on a case to case basis if any of you have questions ([email protected]). I wish I could let you guys apply more than one discount code to the order yourself, but the system doesn’t work that way so I will have to process the refund manually after the fact.

Thank you for your continued support. So many more hats/t-shirts in the works it’s crazy, so stay tuned. And to answer your main reoccurring questions: 3XL – 5XL I’m still working out details on, in addition to long sleeves for these upcoming colder months.