Open Carry Demonstrations / Trolling / Baiting

MrColionNoir weighs in:

Basically what he’s saying is that we shouldn’t give up our rights but baiters gonna bait… trolls gonna troll… assholes gonna asshole.  Yea that sounds about right.

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I really don’t know what the answer is… but like I mentioned in another post recently what I think needs to happen first, is the public needs to be educated on the laws regarding open carry in their state.  This education might have to come from the 911 operator, after he/she asks some simple probing questions.  Whether someones motive for open carry is comfort, to get a rise out of people, or anything else it really shouldn’t matter because the bottom line is if it’s legal, it’s legal.  



10 responses to “Open Carry Demonstrations / Trolling / Baiting”

  1. Jon Hutto Avatar

    Caller : Someone has a gun, please send help.
    911 : Are they pointing it at someone?
    Caller : No, its on his back.
    911 : So it’s a rifle, that is perfectly legal in state X.
    Caller : It’s an Assault Rifle, OMG, what about the children? He could take down a plane, OMG the humanity.
    911 : Calm down, if he isn’t threatening anyone he is not breaking any law.
    Caller : What if he did, what if it just went off, what if something happened.
    911 : What if nothing happened?
    Caller : I don’t understand, can you please send police?

    1. Congratulations sir, you won the internet. ;)

    2. Gold star for you my friend…

  2. MakoGroup Avatar

    Kwikrnu accused ColionNoir of being anti gun on his blog. The man (ColioNoir) has got balls, he knew what kind of flak he would catch by posting this up. But in my opinion, it needed to be said.

    1. Kwiknru is a troll of Leonard Embody- like legend.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahah yea I saw that. I’m surprised MCN actually responded considering the epic troll status of Embody.

  3. spot the mighty Avatar
    spot the mighty

    It’s like the first amendment, you can’t have freedom unless you let stupid people say and do stupid things. Just because I don’t agree with it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be allowed to do it.

  4. SittingDown Avatar

    Open Carry (to the tune of My Block The remix by 2Pac)

    They got a hairy trigger
    Shedding clothing it’s hot as hell here, reminding the fools I pack any where
    Cause shit was hectic for open carry last year
    It appears that I’m markedguardian, my strapless holster’s a mess down there
    The underlying cause of my arrest, my life is stressed
    And no rest, cops forever weary, cause I open carry
    for all the brothers that are buried in the cemetery
    Shit seems scary, how many people open carry, it’s legendary
    But at times unnecessary, I’m getting worried about Johnny Kerry
    Open carry cause I can’t stand to hold in a secret, it’s got me Dennis’d like Leary
    And certain death for some one who don’t know the law
    What can we do when we’re arrested, but go along
    Life in the pen ain’t for me, but I got a statement to make
    So lady just cry because you saw a gun there by the lake
    I wonder if those concealers still care, for us fools who openly do it there
    And who else cares if we make kydex gun cases in our basements
    The only time they don’t seem to notice my gun’s when I’m clutching my nutsack by the baseheads
    My neighborhood ain’t the same with each day that I’m alive
    Cause all these people are fretting and breaking out in a cold sweat when
    I open carry..o-op-open condom store style
    But I ain’t given up on Youtube, it’s all good when I go back
    Hoes show me love, trolls give me props
    Forever exposing my pistol even in the shower, I open carry my cock

    Living open carry life is but a dream
    Hard times from the cops is all we see
    Every time I press check someone’s jaw drops
    But when I open carry I’m dick measuring ya know
    So open carry your Glock and watch eyes grow
    You’re more important now that everyone can see tho

    Now shit’s constantly hot, open carrying, it never fails to appear, it’s the cops
    Can’t explain a mother’s pain, when she sees my grips rock
    Black pistol catching jimping, hell when will open carry prevail
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    Put in work and shed tears for my inability to open carry at work
    Mislead from childhood where I went astray
    Open carry til this day I still pray for a better way
    Can’t help my desire to expose my hip tote
    ENDO exposed the failure of my brain wrapped in rope
    Couldn’t quit pen carrying it’s an addiction, soap can’t wash away the Derp
    Hit the bar to avoid people making fun of my case and went, walking like Lurch
    To a store to buy more kydex, then, I felt alone out here on my own
    I close my eyes and picture home… open carrying piece from SittingDown’s dome

    And I can’t help but wonder why, so many people hate it when I try
    to open carry my AKs in areas famous for drive-bys
    Shrunken pride and police by my side, don’t tase me bro
    Brothers cry cause my open carry, mama come inside
    Cause the open carry movement is filled with danger
    Just like the fat guy’s colon on Ace Ventura, slinky steps down to strangers
    Time changes us, just look at Yeager, maybe not, open carry makes me famous
    All up and down the block proving my defensive capabilities are aimless
    You can’t blame us, NFA dealers, we’re “quicker than you”
    Just because we got your guns taken because we open carry, chip on our shoulder, no feelings too
    Shit’s real, maybe you’ll come over to grill, out with tactical fanny packs and guns, real ones
    A single time carrying unchambered because Israel style make me feel tactically daddy free
    Hanging out picking up police game, slipping on banana peels makes me feel in control ya see
    Gamin the po-po, hoping I get to sleep in my own bed
    It’s a man’s world, staying strapped openly, always ahead
    Fantasies of an open carrier living phat, but held back
    My open carrying days are numbered, shortly shouting hocus pocus
    Wide eyed and losing focus… open carry that’s that

    [Music fades, cues ENDO commercial] ;)

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Killed it bro! LOL I bookmarked this when you wrote it and just read it now… amazing stuff.

  5. LiquidFlorian Avatar

    If being an ‘in your face asshole’ didn’t work, Saul Alinsky wouldn’t have put it in his book.