Dual Wielding M16s To Kill A Microsoft Surface

Richard Ryan capitalizes on the fact that apparently Microsoft hasn’t given up yet:

I was actually really surprised how well he was able to keep two at once on target!  He didn’t even have them at eye level either.

I can’t wait for the day big companies like Adobe, Autodesk, Dassault etc… start making their software for Google ChromeOS so we can be done with these bloated clunking operating systems once and for all.

I’ll have to say I do like my iMacs (I’ve got two 27″ ones if you haven’t seen), but I still like ChromeOS better than OSX…. obviously not everything I need runs on ChromeOS though.

The always informative behind the scenes:

Richard-Ryan-RatedRR-M2-BrowningRichard is wearing the California No Right To Bear Arms t-shirt from ENDO Apparel in the above video.  Stock is running pretty low on those, but you can add yourself to the waiting list and I’ll have them back in a couple weeks.

Holy, the M2 Browning footage at the end is sick!  We need to see a full video of that.



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  1. I try and refrain from commenting on blog posts about my videos… I want people to be as honest as possible with their opinions be it positive or ruthless. First of all let me say the Reloaded videos aren’t edited by me and I don’t see them until they go up even though I’m in them… I have to be very cautious not to misspeak since I don’t proof the edits. The entire bullet casing flying through the air in the thumbnail… Hilarious to me! RatedRR is my channel and I shoot and do all the editing for it but not the other. A lot of people wanted “behind the scenes” stuff so I told Rev3 we could do them but between work and RatedRR that’s all I got time for…

    Having said that. Thanks for actually watching the videos Mike! I’ve been sitting on that M2 footage for a while and wanted to throw that nugget out there to any one who watches those videos as a thank you. Half of the stuff I do is in no way shape or form practical… Hopefully everyone will appreciate some of the very practical and well produced stuff I’m working on now for another channel. Thanks for all the support!

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      My pleasure Richard, I’m always excited to see what you’re up to when a video from you pops up in my RSS feed! Thanks for wearing the shirts.

  2. “I can’t wait for the day big companies like Adobe, Autodesk, Dassault etc… start making their software for Google ChromeOS so we can be done with these bloated clunking operating systems once and for all.”

    Really? You serious?

  3. Getting the round parallel through the keyboard was either good luck or good skill. That’s in the a few sheets of paper thickness.

  4. Truth wanted on vid. We need more hot AZN girls in the vids I’m getting bored with seeing just u. No offense. Actually my fav vid was when u shot the HK P30L. I’ve actually rewatched that vid serveral times. I also liked the fredew appearance too

  5. I gratuitously used some chicks in a few videos back in the day… Actually got a lot of hate for “stooping that low”. I’m trying to find some ways to bring some new shooters in that might be a little more appealing to the eye. I had a couple of models reach out not too long ago. I’ve got a few female shooters interested in some stuff too.

    Glad you liked the P30L stuff. I’m about to shift gears on RatedRR. I’ve been making 1 video a week for about a year now and it’s really not cost effective. It seems like my core audience really just wants to see good stuff about the guns. Since the gadget stuff really doesn’t give me the growth it used too and the overhead is extremely high, I’m gonna scale it back. I’m going to focus more on a variety of firearms and videos that legit get me excited. I’m working on some Breaking Bad stuff at the moment. Not everything I do has to do with guns so I’m going to try and pump up the amount of production for firearm related videos… *hint* *hint* some announcements coming soon :)

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      More belt fed weapons please. ;)