Boba Fett Glock

Star Wars nerds will probably shit a brick over this:


Cool I guess… unless you’re a hardcore Boba Fett fanboy though it just looks like you gave a two year old some paint and the Glock.

GOE Gun Works, who coincidentally have one of the most terrible sites I’ve ever seen can paint one like it for you.  I’m assuming they can anyway… It’s in their “gallery”.

Can you imagine all the girls who would bother you for your autograph if you walked around with a Boba Fett Glock in this Boba Fett kydex holster?  It would be out of hand.



20 responses to “Boba Fett Glock”

  1. The slide looks pretty good. It’s probably tougher to do and would wear off faster, but the yellow markings would look better on the serrations.

    I don’t like the painting on the frame, though. The greenish blots on the handle are terrible, the red color should follow the shape like you can see on the helmet.

    It’s missing a flame thower, jetpack and a Wookiee scalp!

  2. SittingDown Avatar

    I scrolled and scrolled and finally…the nightmare was over.

    1. Blazing Zero Avatar
      Blazing Zero

      i scrolled till i threw up in my mouth a little bit.

      1. It’s like dip, it always does that the first time. Right, Ray?

  3. I’m a huge Star Wars geek and I think that’s retarded. It looks like crap. The Boba Fett holster was clever. This is just stupid. If you want a “Boba Fett” gun find a gun that looks like his in the movie a build a working replica.

  4. So much know-how, and so much skill, serving the derp.

    Please guns out of this, they are innocent.

    What they do on other supports, however, like cycle frames and helmets range from “kinda cool” to “very cool”.

  5. czbeardly Avatar

    Star Wars nerd – check, Glock nerd – uncheck. and a botched paintjob at that :/

  6. Star Wars nerd reporting for opinion, I really really hate it.

  7. This is a pretty good representation of their work. Looks like a 12 year old got a Duracoat set for Christmas.

  8. Absuperman Avatar

    You know those people who don’t have any arms of legs so they have to paint by holding the brush in their mouth…

    1. czbeardly Avatar

      ..and they are tons better then this… seriously, had one of those guys as teacher at the University in industrial design, and he destroyed all us students in skill.

  9. Slide looks not too retardedly horrible. Almost OK. The frame is embarassing.

  10. I scrolled, I scrolled and then became serious competition.

  11. TrojanPuppy Avatar

    Anyone else see the perfectly good Deagle brand Deagle they turned into a lump of matte silver shit?

  12. They successfully suck at their job. Somebody please make them stop matte blacking everything they can find. Worse still, everything that they can find that is already matte black, they make look like a county fair project in the 90s.

  13. MakoGroup Avatar

    Why does it look like their products are solely made for pimps from New Orleans?

  14. Crunkleross Avatar

    That is hands down the best looking Glock I’ve ever seen.

  15. I think I saw this exact post on another site recently

  16. Doesn’t fit the art direction, so pass.

  17. I don’t think it’s too bad as an art piece, but I wouldn’t want that to be my carry gun. I checked out the site, and the utilitarian jobs aren’t bad. The bright colors that make the guns look like toys- utterly terrible thinking.