Harvard Looks At Gun Control, Death Rates, And Violent Crime

Says no correlation between gun control and lower death rates or violent crime.


Source – Breitbart

You can check out the full report pdf Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder And Suicide.

I read through all 46 pages, and I have to say their argument and facts they present are very convincing.  I’m now in the process of reviewing all the referenced papers in the footnotes.  LOL just kidding I didn’t read it…. some smart people go there though and I’m assuming this paper is peer-reviewed so I’ll take their word for it.


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11 responses to “Harvard Looks At Gun Control, Death Rates, And Violent Crime”

  1. Fluffy776 Avatar

    You should at least read page 5 onward for 4-6 pages. It does a great job showing why that damn “But England banned guns…” argument that pops up very often doesn’t hold any water. I read the whole thing and it does a great job providing evidence against the “more guns means more crime”, the “easy to get guns means more crime”, and the “easy access to guns results in more suicides” arguments. It’s a long read, but it’s well worth it.

  2. MrMaigo Avatar

    Is it me or are pdf’s the worst way to transmit information?

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      *cough* Microsoft Word *cough*

    2. The nice thing about .PDF’s is that it’s harder to alter. Most people don’t have the money to buy a good .PDF editor. Word on the other hand is easily manipulated and could be altered a ton of ways. That, and .PDF is an image, so the way you write it is the way it shows. If the guy you send a document to has a certain font, but he doesn’t have said font, the formatting gets way out of whack.

      1. Wait… people are paying for software? When did this start?

        1. SittingDown Avatar

          Richard Stallman is that you? ;)

    3. It’s just you…

  3. Ole'Wolf Avatar

    First the DOJ’s reports say it. Now Harvard’s study says it… OMG! The NRA REALLY DOES control everything!

  4. A great report to be sure but unsurprising, as the Authors of the piece are (Kates and Mauser) are both well known pro-gun criminologists. Their findings aren’t new (See John Lott’s “More Guns, Less Crime”) and because of this – and media bias – it won’t get much mainstream coverage.

  5. It’s not from “Harvard.” Harvard didn’t commission the study; the authors did the work on their own and then submitted it for publication to the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy.

    Which happens to be the official law journal of the Federalist Society.

    I agree with the article, but everyone calling it a “Harvard study” is wrong.

    1. BBJones Avatar

      Good catch. It is important to be intellectually honest and as upfront as possible. Leads to less well you lied about the origins of the study therefore I can disregards its contents.