Consequences Will Never Be The Same After A Shooting

New movie called “A Single Shot”:

A-Single-Shot-PosterSam Rockwell… William H. Macy?  Yea I’ll dabble.  I found if a movie contains murder, guns, and money I’ll likely enjoy it.

It always messes with my head how much Sam Rockwell looks like Dana Carvey though… Party on Garth.

In theaters Sept 20, 2013



4 responses to “Consequences Will Never Be The Same After A Shooting”

  1. SittingDown Avatar

    William H. Macy looks like Jimmy Carter?

  2. Movie plot looks like No Country for Old Men set it Oregon. Should be interesting.

  3. Looks like it has potential.

  4. Regulus Avatar

    red neck version of No Country for Old Men…yawn