Moms Demand Derpy Action – Targets On All Kid’s School Clothing

Blowing gun violence out of proportion, one derpy video at a time:

Damn if I would have known about this commercial I’d have tried to work in some ENDO Apparel product placement.  That target shirt little dude is rocking is legit though… American Apparel even!

Troll-FaceCould they have not got a LBE vest that fit him?  Amateurs.

Moms Demand Action are expert level trolls, I respect that.  As pro gun internet users we could learn a thing or two from them when it comes to trolling.



22 responses to “Moms Demand Derpy Action – Targets On All Kid’s School Clothing”

  1. Who THE FUCK lets their eight year old walk to school anymore!?!?!?!?!

  2. Who wastes their time thinking these crap videos will change anything? You cannot ban things and make them go away. Sorry but happyland is not available to take your calls right now. On a side note, the kid should have a 600 round magazine which only costs $25.95 per Time Magazine. See the Jan 2013 edition.

  3. She forgot his skittles… Who comes up with this shit….

  4. Who THE FUCK lets their eight year old walk to school with a CONDOR plate carrier !?!?!?!?!

    1. Taylor TX Avatar
      Taylor TX

      haha my thoughts exactly, and one that doesnt even come close to fitting regardless of size.

  5. bandroidx Avatar

    Comments and votes disabled, that says it all.

    4) Make gun trafficking a federal crime with serious criminal penalties.

    its not already?

  6. Synscear Avatar

    What is the deal with their list of demands? They are outlandish at the very least. I guess it would make them upset to know that I bought a 1000 round bag of 5.56 at Wal-Mart last night.

    1. Taylor TX Avatar
      Taylor TX

      How the ? They dont sell it in anything larger than a 20 round box, and of course, 3 box limit.

      1. Synscear Avatar

        Come to Indiana, they had 3 bags of that and two of 45.

  7. I see a new t-shirt design in ENDO’s future!

  8. NotDeaf Avatar

    What type of Mother doesn’t put SAPI plates in the carrier?

  9. Michelle Obama

    “our rights and our privileges take a back seat when it comes to the safety of our children in this country.”

    1. bandroidx Avatar

      Did she really say that?

  10. Who brushes their teeth before they eat? All your shit tastes like toothpaste if you do. That woman is a terrible Mom, you could tell because she also keeps her coffee grounds in the fridge.

  11. My son would look sweet in that green t-shirt! He cant have the plate carrier no matter how many times he asks though, we are not a mall ninja family.

  12. BBJones Avatar

    Mute family? Do they all secretly hate each other? No one said a word. Hey Mom stop buying the plate carriers (sans plates psh) and save up for his therapy bills.

  13. @BBJones. No joke right. The kid will probably need therapy in real life now just from performing in that commercial. Glad to see his parents were thinking ahead. I bet you he’s a TV babysat kid. The only time mommy talks to him is to tell him how horrible the world is.

    Expert trolls indeed. I’m officially getting a troll hunter patch from Moderno now.

  14. CR Pyro Avatar

    Damn, if the boy’s going to be wearing a plate carrier, where the hell is is kevlar? Get it right, send him out with his cover!

  15. SittingDown Avatar

    And the boy ran away from home…. the end.

  16. John Dennis Avatar
    John Dennis

    Do these moms swallow like bloomberg does?

  17. Can he at least get some AR500?