Handmade Deagle Brand Rubber Band Deagle

This is a functional woodworking masterpiece:

The look of the gun alone is breathtaking… then I saw it eject those wooden shells and shoot an elastic on every trigger pull and my mind was blown.

Last shot hold open too?  This thing should be in the Smithsonian.


I wouldn’t even know where to begin making something like this.  I’d start with an expensive knife and some awesome wood, then like 5 minutes in you’d hear yelling because I probably accidentally cut myself, then I would get pissed off a try even harder, only to fail exponentially harder than originally anticipated.

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8 responses to “Handmade Deagle Brand Rubber Band Deagle”

  1. I can’t even believe my own eyes!
    Please excuse me because I’m gonna act like a 3 year-old, but:
    Me want onnnnnnnnne, me wannnnnnnt, meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !

  2. hnl.flyboy Avatar


  3. I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I had one of these.

  4. SittingDown Avatar

    But it doesn’t have that satisfying muzzle rise. Do not want.

  5. bob in Houston Avatar
    bob in Houston

    crap, I’m not seeing the buy it now link, how are they supposed to shut up and take my money???

  6. Regulus Avatar

    No trigger reset…WEAK

  7. That’s some fine whittling…

  8. When and how can I by one an what do u want for it it is fuck ing awesome lovely job.