Brother Of Georgia School Thwarted Gunman Talks To Piers Morgan

ENDO Blog reader Piers Morgan asks some tough questions:

Piers-Morgan-Eyes-Closed-Mouth-Open-Ears-OffWow that Michael Hill kid sounds messed up.  I can’t even imagine.

What’s “the system” supposed to do?  Difficult question for sure.

6:12 – Gun talk starts here.  The brother definitely isn’t for strengthening current laws, he acknowledged that criminals don’t follow the law.  Refreshing.  He doesn’t entirely know what he’s talking about though and lost a lot of credibility with the “The guns that we have in the United States, a majority of them probably didn’t even come from the United States, they were probably smuggled in from somewhere.” Uh… no.

Piers actually seemed like a decent human being in this interview, I was surprised. It almost didn’t warrant the usual Piers picture if it wasn’t for his previous track record.



2 responses to “Brother Of Georgia School Thwarted Gunman Talks To Piers Morgan”

  1. For once Morgan actually focused on the problem — the person who is holding the firearm not the firearm.

    1. Samuel Suggs Avatar
      Samuel Suggs

      um, yeah you didnt think he actually believed that shit he normally spews did you? its just propaganda