Fixed Magazine Workaround DERPccessory For The AR-15

LOL -> NY, MD, CT, CA.  This is what AR-15 life has apparently been reduced to for you:

As you can see, the upgraded (and I use that term loosely) magazine release button doesn’t move when the upper receiver is in the way because that L-shaped aluminum chunk is pushing against it.  Backing out the rear takedown pin and canting the upper receiver forward lets you awkwardly push the button.

AR-MR2-Derpcessory-AR-15Well the one good thing is that all the criminals will have these things also, so they won’t be able to reload as quickly if they want to kill a bunch of innocent people.

Criminals and law abiding alike can purchase these things for $50 over at the AR MR2 website.


Hat tip: Jay


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  1. Therealcombatwombat Avatar

    Nice sight mark on there….cough cough

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar


  2. silenceXcorE Avatar

    Nice try Dianne Feinstein, I’ll stick with my Raddlock bullet button & Ultimate Bullet Button tools… I hate this states gun laws…

    1. silenceXcorE,
      if SB 374 is signed in to law, your bullet button and your Raddlock will both be non-compliant, and you will have to register your rifle as an assault weapon, so you might as well put a standard mag release on it. This device is meant to comply with the newest laws coming out, but falls short in many ways. See my post below.

    2. Curt Crook Avatar

      Isn’t going to stop any more gun violence since they haven’t passed a law to stop idiots. Lived here all my life and this is by far the worse shape this State has been in ever!

  3. bandroidx Avatar

    Does anyone know if installing this (or a bullet button, i sure as hell wouldnt use this derp product, i would prefer a bullet button to this) in an AR-15 in NJ will allows an additional evil feature?

    It’s my understanding in NJ if its a semi-auto it can have 2 evil features. So most AR-15’s have a detachable mag (evil feature #1) and a pistol grip (evil feature #2). So I would think if i had a fixed mag with a bullet button, i could then add another evil feature such as a adjustable stock (this is what i want to have) or a flash hider?

  4. I know this seems derp-ish, but I have to give the designer credit for thinking ahead. With a recent push to ban Bullet Button like devices in California by forcing an individual to “disassemble” the action to remove the magazine, this soon may be the only option available. We Californians have gotten pretty good at finding loopholes in our idiotic laws.

    1. Jason, see my post below. I bought one, installed it, and found it doesn’t work as advertised. Great concept to avoid registration, but not perfect.

  5. …I think I’ll stick with an M1 Garand for the commie states. Reloading a clip for that would be much faster than all of this loophole magazine nonsense.

    1. An M1 Garanad with EIGHT rounds? What are you trying to do, murder hundreds of children? Everybody knows you only NEED seven rounds.

      1. If you need more than 6 rounds to kill a deer, you should’t be hunting!

  6. Where did he get all the 22 lr….

    1. Like he’s gonna share that with the class.

  7. I wonder when the legislatures of these states will realize that they aren’t that smart?

  8. Be nice if he made this AFTER the bullet button ban goes into effect so it doesn’t get added on.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yea that would have made more sense. Now what they will probably end up doing is just banning anything that’s not a stock part that messes with the magazine release, whether it be bolt on or permanent.

      1. “…any circumvential innovation, aid, concept, or thought process that allows you to use your evil black rifle in a way that we didn’t think of is hereby banned…” – [clever CA legislator]

        And yes, I did just make up that word circumvential, because i can.

    2. bandroidx Avatar

      I was thinking the same damn exact thing, i say he pulled his trigger a little too early, no pun intended.

  9. czbeardly Avatar

    I thought it was bad in Sweden… on another note I just learned that I am now eligible to get my AR license. My club got some clearafiction about the new rules to get an competition license for IPSC rifle (almost the only way to get a AR/AK style rifle over here). Seems I got my handgun competition license just in time, finsished my 3rd Level 2 competition last week, and just took the rifle addon course and shot the practical test to get a licence. Monday I turn in my licence application at the local policeoffice and place my order for a upper. Might have to get one of those AR builders t-shirts after all :p I thought I had to wait 1½ years before being able to use the lower I bought in January :p good times ahead! :D

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Congrats, sounds like you’re navigating through the pain in the ass they try and create for you nicely! Good to hear.

  10. Another way to circumvent stupid laws is always good in my book.

  11. If I was going to go on a fucking rampage…. I would just replace that POS with the original parts. What a joke. Just like anyone else with half a god damn brain. If you can’t tell… I hate California. I live here. This state is retarded.

    1. Im not saying I’m planning on anything, but lets be honest…. It’s not rocket science to replace parts and at the end of the day, it’s just a BS compliance theater.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Swap out for original parts? Impossible! Haha

  12. sapper911 Avatar

    This is for the upcoming law, that will re interpret what a fixed magazine is. If the new(un constitutional) laws pas. A fixed magazine rifle will only be legal if the magazine is s removable with disassembley of the fire arm action. California sucks, and this is the new loop hole that we will all use. This is how we fight them. We find loop holes. Pathetic.

    1. Yeah… This is total BS.

    2. Sapper, you are correct, but sadly, this device doesn’t make the rifle compliant unless it’s epoxied in and the screw is ground down so you can’t ever remove the device. See my post below for the explanation.

  13. Capt. Glenn Avatar
    Capt. Glenn

    Perfect name “MR2”. I am sure all of you out there old enough to remember a time before all this PC madness came into existence.

  14. sapper911 Avatar

    Also I want my legislators in California to know that I possess multiple push button magazine releases as well as m16 hammers sears and selector switches. All of these things are legal for me to purchase and possess in California “as long as its not installed”. I also have a x,y,z mill and if I chose to install them I could. The only reason I don’t, is because I abide by the law and the only reason I do is because I choose to obey the law. Any law that you make will have a loop hole. People will always be able to get parts, because they are impossible to regulate. We obey the law because we choose to. So I will continue to put on my “California compliant facade”because that’s all it isn’t a. But know that I and thousands of others have the skill and know how.

    1. Watch out, there are all kinds of thoughtcrime charges they can hit you with. Intent to manufacture, constructive possession, conspiracy, etc. You don’t have to actually put pieces together to get arrested. Reference the Nguyen case.

  15. SittingDown Avatar

    SKS ;)

  16. lucusloc Avatar

    It is not a “loophole” if you are complying with the law. It may be a loophole in their intent, but that is just because they are too stupid to cover all the angels. That is why banning objects is retarded, someone way smarter than you is just going to come up with a new object that does not fit the ban criteria but does the exact same job.

  17. Jeff Baker Avatar
    Jeff Baker

    I would rather hammer my balls flat with a wooden mallet than live in the state of California or New York.

  18. If using this derptastic product is the next best alternative, we are fucked! Reloading a Mosin would be faster than using an AR with this innovative device.

  19. Ya’ll living behind enemy lines need to GTFO, ‘cuz I sure as hell don’t see those in charge underpifying anytime soon…

  20. Frederick Kaludis Avatar
    Frederick Kaludis

    Warning the BATF has viewed having the part to make an Illegal weapon as intent to make a Illegal weapon. Further just having some part M16 part is a crime because these part are classified as a machine gun like the autosear. They can’t fire a single bullet but they must be registered as a machine gun, with the $200 transfer tax paid. The same can be said for any fire arm part that such as the kits that were made to rebuild an old suppressor. So just owning a rebuild kit for a suppressor is 10 years in club fed. So be careful and know who is watching you.

    1. Apples and Oranges. Parts to make an illegal weapon ARE illegal in many cases, but this is a part to make an illegal weapon LEGAL. There is a difference, if this device actually did what it claims. (see my post below)

  21. top flight Avatar

    Does noone read the God damn laws they are blindly fallowing ?????? there is currently no such thing as an assault weapon the assault weapons ban expired in 2008 at sunset on the last day of September this ban was the only government law stating a definition of an assault weapon the ban has expired so has the deffinistion currently you can buy extended mags in ca and ar15 and m16 I know it sounds crazy but look it up for yourself… this is why the gov is pushing so hard for more gun bands so they can fix what they fucked up the first time around which is why they didn’t renew the experation date on the bill so in short don’t let them push you around currently we don’t have assault weapons at most its an unregistered rifle wait lol that’s not illegal either sbr. And sbs. Are both legal right now get em while there hot

    1. Sorry, but only the federal assault weapons ban expired. California’s is permanent unless re-legislated. Also, technically you can “buy” extended mags in CA, but it is illegal to sell, give, import, or manufacture them, so if you are the buyer, you apparently have committed no crime, but if you are the seller/giver/importer, you are in violation. Currently, the only loophole to this is that you can buy disassembled extended mags as “parts kits”, BUT if you put the pieces together, you have now “manufactured” a high capacity magazine, which is illegal. This is all easily found in the CA Penal Code, available online. I suggest you follow your own advice and read the laws you are “quoting”. Oh, and SBR and SBS are both still illegal in California… state law, not expired federal law.

  22. This device is NOT compliant with the “must open receiver” laws unless you follow the mfr.’s additional instructions to install it PERMANENTLY using epoxy and grinding out the hex head screw so you can’t remove it. If you simply install it as shipped, you can get the mag to release by simply loosening the allen head screw slightly, which instantly makes your rifle a listed “assault weapon” requiring registration. If you mount it permanently, it complies, but you can’t remove the part for cleaning or for temporary use in a “free state”. A message on the AR MR2 facebook page describing this dilemma was deleted within minutes, even though I posted it to ask them if I was actually wrong and this product could be made to work properly and in compliance. If it could, it is an acceptable alternative to weapon registration. If not, it is a felony waiting to happen for anyone installing it and listening to the manufacturer’s claims.