Master Ken On Handgun Disarms

Master Ken doesn’t mess around when it comes to mustaches or handgun disarms:

Master-Ken-Pistol-Disarmhahah that’s pretty good, I like Master Ken’s style.

I could quote some parts of the video for LOLs, but you’re better off just watching it.

I feel that if Master Ken ever wanted to retire that red suit for something black with lots of MOLLE, the man would be a natural at operating in operations.

Hat tip: @ATAtactical


7 responses to “Master Ken On Handgun Disarms”

  1. THE VigilantSpectre Avatar
    THE VigilantSpectre

    Such a good video, then he said clip

  2. hnl.flyboy Avatar


  3. CopperTopTX Avatar

    I sure hope Master Ken offers a tactical training class soon! I’ll be the first to sign up! I need to sharpen my skills for some upcoming operations I have to operate in! #thisguyslegit

  4. Taylor TX Avatar
    Taylor TX

    For accuracy, this guy needs a blonde wig, then he would be ken.

  5. thehaggis Avatar


  6. Break the wrist.

    Walk away.

  7. Soooooo glad I finished my coffee first.

    too funny.