Never Hand A Gun To Anyone Without Proper Instruction

Shooting technique… Safety… these are important things:

Important for everyone involved because guns are inherently dangerous… a mistake by the shooter could cause serious injury or obviously even death.

Camron-Bill-Oreilly-U-Mad0:30 – U MAD BRO?  You didn’t teach her properly, and she muzzle swept your crotch.  Seems about even to me.


Hat tip: Steven


14 responses to “Never Hand A Gun To Anyone Without Proper Instruction”

  1. Dumb broad, and that guy is an idiot for not teaching her proper gun safety. Would’ve laughed my ass off if she shot him in the nuts

  2. face punches all around

  3. croppedxout Avatar


  4. If you want to be moron and dont explain things to your gf, then get too close so you can video it, then you deserve to get shot. The world is full of dumbasses and i am tired of them taking up space on my planet.

  5. Whatever happened to common sense? Do you REALLY need to instruct someone to NOT point a firearm at anyone?

    1. dgdimick Avatar

      I spend a LOT of time at the range, and I’m still shocked at the morons that sweep the area and have no idea where they are pointing their firearm. There are a few people that if I see them at the range, I just pick up my gear and go home.

  6. Matt in FL Avatar
    Matt in FL

    “We’re trying to be cool, we don’t have time for rules.”

  7. Idiots. Idiots everywhere.

    Double fail, once on his part, and she completed the failure with the sweeping.

  8. In my experience, this is a common occurrence with new shooters. No matter how much you stress the 3 rules, after they fire their first rounds off and the Adrenalin is pumping, they are very likely to forget and sweep themselves or someone around them. He should have been behind her shoulder so he could have turned her around when she started to turn.

  9. MakoGroup Avatar

    He was NOT teaching his hipster girlfriend with sweet purple socks gun safety before it was cool.

  10. Deader86 Avatar

    ummmmm….easy count there somewhere like 19 or 20 shots, thirty round mag. just saying.

  11. Never give a gun to a white girl in hipster shades.

  12. At least the guy got so scared he probably won’t make the same mistake next time.
    And next time he’ll take extra underwear.

  13. paul kimble Avatar
    paul kimble

    Next time I teach you, now tell me how to make this camera stop recording.