Game Of Drones – Drone Torture Test

There is nothing worse than fragile toys.  This looks like it’s done right:

Game-Of-Drones-UAV-Torture-Test-KydexUgh I want a tough drone like that so bad.  I’d probably just get into trouble with it though :/  Drone law in this country is not governed by reason.

4:10 –  Wow the “Tactical Bumblebee” Mossberg 500 is derpy.

The drone looks like it’s made from Kydex.  Good idea.



6 responses to “Game Of Drones – Drone Torture Test”

  1. I think that is the new caution colors scheme for all weapons to be sold in california.

  2. Dale Smith Avatar
    Dale Smith

    Here is the video that shows how they made the first frame out of some light weight stuff, and it later evolving to kydex. I wish I had the time to make something like this. I’d probably be willing to pay some cash for a pre-made kit that I assemble myself.

    Here’s a video where they use a live feed from the camera on the drone, a paintball gun, and a human target. Looks fun.

  3. tech666 Avatar

    These drones. Are just quad copters with some FPV equipment nothing to hard to build and not that expensive. Head over to hobbyking you can get quad copter kits for 25-100$ Thats not including the ESC’s, motors, FCB, props and receiver/transmitter. Quad copters have been around a long time.

  4. derpmaster Avatar

    What the hell qualifies someone as a trained professional when it comes to shooting quad copters with a shotgun?

  5. And do you really want you local deputies flying this over your property?

    What about the “illegal” fire pit you have? How about the swimming pool without a fence around it?

  6. When does it go from “RC Helicopter we stuck a camera on” to “Drone”?

    I thought drones were capable of autonomous flight. Not completely, but at least somewhat. That’s what makes them DRONES.

    Fuckin onslaught of the new buzzword.