Cheeky Open Carry Trolling In Phoenix

Yep, you sure can talk to police (or anyone for that matter) this way if you want to:

I’ll probably grow tired of posting these sooner or later, because they basically are all similar give or take the attitude of either side.  The police in this one were really nice, they just had some questions.  Rather than just assert his right to not answer this guy decided to get smart with them though.  If he was legit on his lunch break and going for an armed late night stroll then I really do feel bad for him.  If he was trolling though like I suspect he was then I don’t feel bad because he got exactly what he wanted.

I can’t wait until someone gets a few pressure cookers and walks around armed and in front of a federal building with them, and after a million cops show up be like “OMG GUYS LEAVE ME ALONE.  I’m just out here waiting for my ride to a potluck, and it’s not a great area at night.  NO I’M NOT GIVING YOU MY NAME!  I HAVE RIGHTS!”. YouTube viral status… thank me later.

Troll-FaceThe guy in the video should have some beers with Leonard Embody… they would probably become BFFs instantly.   Leonard might be quite jealous though because as far as I know he’s never got a helicopter called on him yet.


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  1. James M&P Avatar
    James M&P


  2. Mr Farrell Avatar
    Mr Farrell

    Does it matter whether he was on his lunch break or not? Are right suspended when you’re not on break? He could’ve been a little more civil, but props to him for standing his ground.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      The lunch break comment was regarding me sympathizing with him or not sympathizing with him. Anyone can go ahead do any number of things to on purpose get the attention of law enforcement, then get pissed off when the officers attempt to overstep their bounds. It shouldn’t happen but for now it seems like it’s going to. I don’t feel sorry for people that go looking for it (trolls), but I do feel sorry for people who get harassed just trying to live.

  3. hnl.flyboy Avatar

    I personally like these videos. These examples remind the authorities of their limitations on civil rights and ensure they don’t continue pushing it too far.

  4. I feel like the first paragraph is a big troll on what happened on that last police video. Here is where I see the police being assholes and being wrong. The guy was friendly enough until the police started being assholes, but then he started being smart, but, much like the policewoman in the last video, his response was well deserved. This guy is fucking hilarious.

  5. ‘What year?’
    ‘Every year’

    Lost it at that point.

    1. Classic Hot Fuzz quote love it.

  6. bandroidx Avatar

    what bothers me is that open carry will be a thing of the past in the next 5 years and these assholes are reason. otherwise i wouldnt care.

    1. Yep these people do not help us at all. Selfish, self-serving idiots. He said that he knew that the FBI said that people taking pictures of Federal and government buildings was an indicator of terrorists trying to “case”. So he decided to do it at 3am with a gun on. He just wants to get locked up so he can sue. Idiot.

      1. Matt in FL Avatar
        Matt in FL

        Alternately, he’s showing by example that allowing the authorities to say “you can’t take a picture of that, it’s seekret,” when the building is a publicly funded building and the photograph is taken from a public street or sidewalk is just a bridge too far. It’s very likely that if he was taking the same pictures without a gun, they’d have accosted him in that case, too.

        These guys don’t all want to sue. Some of them (admittedly not having anything better to do with their time) genuinely do this to point out errors in the system to the people making them, so that maybe the next guy, or the guy after that, don’t get hassled over doing something that’s completely legal.

    2. OC is still a state level choice, even though the Heller and McDonald have incorporated the Second. So you would need all 50 states to ban it.

      Then it would have be run up to SCOTUS, via the appeals courts. Or the state 2A groups can do a recall on the state politicians that passed it to get it reversed. (Look at Colorado for an example.)

      But either way, between the states and the NRA, they aren’t going to take it away.

  7. OC’r:April 21st,
    Pig: What year
    OC’r: Every year
    OC’r Who doesn’t have a birthday every year?


  8. Matt in FL Avatar
    Matt in FL

    This was a good one. I guess I’m predisposed to assuming these gun guys are going to be colossal pricks on purpose, because they so often are. I wasn’t even going to watch the video until I read some of the comments above. As soon as the cop said, “I’m wondering why you’re armed and taking pictures of a police facility,” I knew the gun guy had him. You can wonder all you want, but that’s it.

    I’m also really surprised that the cop let him keep his gun. I’ve seen people pull the “I don’t consent to searches” (this guy said “surrenders”) line before, and the cops have all said “OK” and then proceeded to disarm them anyway.

    “Leonard might be quite jealous though because as far as I know he’s never got a helicopter called on him yet.” PLUS ONE MILLION

  9. SittingDown Avatar

    Coffee Ambush in 3..2..1….Nope. Disappointed face.

  10. Sivl32 (elvis) Avatar
    Sivl32 (elvis)

    april 21st… “what year?”… every year, everyone has a birthday

  11. kevin bacon Avatar
    kevin bacon

    @3:25 cop calls him out on trolling lol

  12. jim bob Avatar

    at least he wasn’t walking his dog or they would have shot it.

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      It was probably inside the red dually with the windows rolled up properly this time.

  13. Jackson Avatar

    I actually feel like this guy handled the situation perfectly. He was calm, stated his rights in a firm but calm manner, and refused to be detained or searched without being charged with a crime. Since when is it illegal to take pictures of buildings on your lunch breaks?

  14. AAFES Hot Dog Guy Avatar
    AAFES Hot Dog Guy

    I hate this man because he is a deliberate attention whore.
    I open carry and just go about my business regularly as if I wasn’t even carrying.
    He’s just trying to fuck with people.

  15. Have terrorists ever photographed a target as part of their planning cycle? Is surveillance part of pre-attack planning?

  16. I like it! Good troll, good ending.