Nutnfancy Parody WROL Sheepdog Pooper Scooper Review

Tacdaddy reviews a pooper scooper as Nutnfancy:

Is the whip crack sound a thing Nutnfancy does now?  I’m not ever looking for ways to waste my time, so I haven’t seen a video of his in a few years.  The rest of the nuances of his personality, and all the catch phrases and acronyms he drops (which I know about) were done really well.

3:27 – LOL that slayed me.


Hat tip: Spectre


16 responses to “Nutnfancy Parody WROL Sheepdog Pooper Scooper Review”

  1. Is nutnfancy even still around?

    I actually hadn’t seen or heard a reference to him in weeks, maybe months until right now.

  2. This isn’t a proper parody video…it’s not 40 minutes long

  3. He does the whip sound when he opens knives up.

  4. 350,000 subscribers. Yeah, he’s around. He delivered letters and donations to a farmer whose son had died and his anti-fan club thumbed it down.

    Haters gonna hate.

    1. I never understood why people would waste their time thumbing down videos

  5. SittingDown Avatar

    To truly be Nutnfancy, you’ve got to ride a “scooter” to a public place where your turbo charged car already sits (doh), act like a celebrity to invite potential engraving ruination prey, and then deploy child-like engraving skills to ruin peoples knives with your autograph. Then you have to turn that into a 2 hour video. Don’t forget to brag about the size of the line waiting to get ruined and say things like “Mind if I film ya’ll?” Then just film then any way.

  6. I’m not a big fan of “tacdaddy” but yeah, good one. I’m calling him Nutnfancy Jr. from now on!

    1. What?!? Not a fan?!?! Lol, can’t make everyone a fan! Appreciate you checking it out!

  7. Matt in FL Avatar
    Matt in FL

    I was already laughing by the end of the “lead-in” portion, because he had it spot on, but the actual review had me rolling. Great parody.

    If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard nutnfancy start a video with “I’m gonna say it right off the bat…” I’d have a lot of nickels. But then if I had to give back one for every video I haven’t finished, well… I’d have to give ’em all back, because I’ve never finished one. My best is probably about 50% of any one video, by skipping through it.

    This was awesome, though.

  8. Thanks for the share, much appreciated ENDO! Just having some fun…. Again, thanks.

  9. mcclassy Avatar

    i had never heard of this nutnfancy dude until today. looking at his youtube page it seems there are a lot of people that have time on their hands. looks like his vids average 40k views which is impressive. thanks for sharing the parody – now i think i am going to start watching the real thing. i like in depth reviews – and it seems like thats all he does. win win

  10. What’s with the hate? As long winded as the guy can be, he serves a purpose, unlike the wanker basement dwellers who’s accomplishment is life is hating on someone with a successful youtube channel. Bottom line? Popular (right or wrong) = haters coming out of the closet.

  11. That was spot on.
    I watch nutn when its something that interests me, like all my subscriptions, watch some, dont watch others.

  12. bandroidx Avatar

    Didnt mention weight? Parody FAIL.

    Seriously though, I thought this was shitty at best.

  13. SittingDown Avatar

    Next parody video on Nutnfancy needs to have some guy go to a store and buy brand new BDUs and gear then go out behind the store and “run and gun” with shiny vampire new gear. Then have cardboard cutouts for cover. “Nutnfancy” would run a drill on painted steel targets using a Ruger SR9 and Rock River AR-freshly Duracoated. Followed by some one called “Penis Eye Dude” run in with an FNH product and obliterate Nutnfancy’s drill time and kill (*cough* Rock River Arms) level with Nutnfancy saying “doodle” for the lulz.

    BTW – Mitt Romney’s wife looks like Nutnfancy’s twin sister. LOL ;)