Chris Kyle – American Gun Giveaway (BONUS)

Chris-Kyle-American-Gun-BookThree more books up for grabs.

Rules: Comment on this post with the LINK to your favorite derp incident, person, or group I’ve posted about.  Include why you chose it as your favorite.  USA addresses only.  If you already won this book don’t be a dick and try to win a 2nd one.

Draw:  Friday at midnight.  I’m not chasing people down this time… You can check the blog post announcing the winners on Friday, I’ll email those winners and if I don’t have an address by Monday morning I’m drawing a new name.

More giveaways coming soon.  The previous winners’ books will be mailed this week.


30 responses to “Chris Kyle – American Gun Giveaway (BONUS)”

  1. SSGCasper Avatar

    Just about anything James Yeager posted before and after the following link about his threat to kill anyone who tries to take his guns and got his permit taken has been entertaining. This single one though takes the cake, because in our current “Zimmerman/Martin trial world” you have to question how anyone would take training in self defense and lethal force from someone who, claiming to be an expert in self defense and justified lethal force, had his CCW taken away because he made public threats of violence repeatedly.

    Guess I would have to add our favorite Musician on all things Guns, fxhummel1, to this favorite since he is now drinking the Yeager kool-aid and supporting and promoting the Yeager school of training….

  2. bandroidx Avatar

    My favorite derp is

    partially because i tipped it to endo, and partially because its hilarious how much it has failed with the horrible reviews, tons of fake entries (police departments, the white house, the list goes on) this app was trolled hard as it derserved.

    I want this book!

  3. John M Avatar

    You guys should go for this book if you haven’t tried. And if you don’t win, buy it anyway. It’s absoultly awesome for me so far.

  4. Rabies Avatar

    it’s hard to beat Sons of Derp but my favorite one is not only does someone call them out on their bs but that picture is too funny

  5. My favorite derp is this shit: (pretty new right?) – Why the fuck are we paying fucking $100 for a plastic piece of shit 80% lower when fucking REAL lowers used to run for less than $100? The real derp is the bullshit idiocy and liberal self center idealism that is RUINING this country and stripping our reasonable rights to defend ourselves from it! $100 for $3 worth of plastic? Besides the bullshit leading up to it and literally disregarding all of what I just said, I supposed a clear plastic lower is pretty sweet, until it fucking snaps in half after 4 shots…

    1. If I don’t win I’ll probably buy this book.

  6. V.I.P.E.R.S academy.

    I need to go there. Please donate. Contact me for paypal information

  7. The Conrad Constitution – NSA cartoon is my favorite as of late because Ron Paul dumps a pile of $#!T on the government terrorist agents. It’s now one of my favorite guilty pleasures.

  8. CoolBreeze1911 Avatar

    Went with Old Operators performing Gun-Karate because it may be one of the most akward and funny videos I have ever seen. Not because its really funny, but because they take themselves so seriously.

    Long time reader, first post! Keep up the mostly good work.

  9. HouHef45 Avatar

    I can’t believe I’m the guy to post this one, seriously. This is THE DERP of all DERPS. (I wish the vid was still up)

    you know it’s bad when the guy pulls his own video over all the ENDO flack he got. And this was the follow up to the first post…

  10. Nakedgun Avatar

    Either this one or the Costa-tactical-arm-tape….

    I read everything I can get my hands on regarding Special Forces (especially SEALS), EOD, military contractors, and Police/SWAT tactics. It’d be nice to win a copy, but I will buy one eventually if I don’t get lucky here.

  11. Red Jacket ……. I win !

  12. heather Avatar

    I would love to win this book. I just discovered your blog and I like it thanks for the great giveaway.

  13. Fire in the hole! Wait, we’re going into that hole!

    1. I didn’t read the directions, but IDGAF. Everyone should know how to throw a grenade.

  14. I’m going to nominate Cliff as the DERP for this one.

  15. I’m with HouHef45 on this one. My vote is for Israeli Tier 0.

    I am starting my new job with the Sheriff’s Office very soon. I have taken the polygraph, the physical, and the urinalysis. I should find out my start date tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be able to read this if I get put on nights in the jail.

    1. dave w Avatar

      how did you do on the dog targets though?

      1. We don’t do that here, we Taze them. My dad’s K-9 actually got into it with a pit bull on a search a few weeks ago and they Tazed the pit bull and his K-9 got all tangled up in the leads. :( 5 minutes later he was fine though.

        1. Also, I did find out my start date today. Put in my two weeks at the restaurant I’ve been working at for the last 3 years through college.

  16. MurrrMan Avatar

    Mine favorite has to be this one:

    Why? Well, it’s just wrong on way too many levels. I mean he has good trigger discipline, but other than that this “police officer” fails in every other way.

  17. Mike,

    this one is definitely one of my favorites because it’s those same German tier zero operators you posted a few weeks ago. A few days ago I just started randomly going back to view your older posts before I started keeping up with ENDO. Keep it up, buddy!!

  18. sprice Avatar

    I thought this guys video was hilarious. It was really put together like an infomercial. SHAMWOW!

  19. Cuban Pete Avatar
    Cuban Pete

    That delusional crazy bitch Congresswoman from Colorado who did not know that, once spent, a magazine can be reloaded with bullets.

    Total facepalm.

  20. Church Avatar

    Anything Vigilant Spectre… And Friday is my birthday! I swear.

  21. b gerk Avatar

    i never got mine rom the give away

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      More giveaways coming soon. The previous winners’ books will be mailed this week.


    I picked this one because you introduced me to some good ideas. Maybe an AR-15 holster isn’t for everyone, but this style would be very applicable on a shotgun sheath. Besides, I got to talk to the maker and he seemed pretty cool, and I’m not just saying that because he looks like he could be my uncle… okay maybe I am, call me biased (racist? LOL.)

  23. This is about as derpy as it gets. The cop seems to have no idea about general dog behavior, no training on when to shoot a gun, no taser on his belt, no balls to deal with a distraught dog properly. Then he hides behind the Lieutenant’s excuses.