Showboating By Hunting Birds With A Bow

Bow-game 22plinkster:

Total showoff :P  So much to take into account with this type of hunting even more so than with firearms.

Robin-Hood-Men-In-TightsI’d need a high capacity assault quiver if I was going to attempt this, and even then I’d probably leave pissed off with no arrows and no birds in the hand.


Hat tip: Reg


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  1. SittingDown Avatar

    Men in Tights. LOL

    Prince John: Such an unusual name, “Latrine.” How did your family come by it?
    Latrine: We changed it in the 9th century.
    Prince John: You mean you changed it TO “Latrine”?
    Latrine: Yeah. Used to be “Shithouse.”
    Prince John: It’s a good change. That’s a good change!

    1. Taylor TX Avatar
      Taylor TX


  2. Sivl32 (elvis) Avatar
    Sivl32 (elvis)

    i dont get bow hunting in that, do you consider the arrows a loss or do you hope to retrieve em?

    1. And the damn things can cost a fortune… yikes

  3. Assuming they’re not invasive pests, if he’s not eating or mounting them, he shouldn’t be killing them. That’s just morally reprehensible.

    There’s a huge difference between hunting and indiscriminate killing.

    1. MakoGroup Avatar

      Agreed. The man has skills no doubt, but I could not mow down animals like that even if they were stationary.

    2. Shroomy Avatar

      Lol does mounting an animal make it ok? Atleast the predatory birds surrounding him are living in paradise for a day, so nothings going to waste. Far better than killing something just because you want to have something to hang on your wall imo.

      1. Taylor TX Avatar
        Taylor TX

        The best part is killing something that both tastes good but can also still be mounted after you ate most of it.

  4. Drapetomanius Avatar

    It must have been common enough historically, or the flu flu arrow wouldn’t have been invented. That says a lot about how skilled our ancestors were with a bow.

  5. Blog Game obscure reference king

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      It makes my day even when a couple of you guys get my references.