Looking Like A Loser For Fearing AR-15 Barrel Vibration

These cancel your operator card on the spot, regardless of the operations you operated in:


They say those three rings reduce “barrel-whip”, vibration and improve accuracy!  ORLY? hahah but at what cost?…. at what cost?  Yea I know physics and stuff, but explain to me why every operator on earth isn’t using these if they are actually worthwhile?

$10 over at BowJax if you’re interested.  I’m thinking of buying 5 sets and running them up my whole barrel.  That’s bound to get me like 0.0000001 MOA accuracy if my math is correct.



18 responses to “Looking Like A Loser For Fearing AR-15 Barrel Vibration”

  1. Harris Avatar

    Nah, just get them in black. You would be totally operator with black rubber donuts stuck on your barrel.

  2. Murdoc Avatar

    Does the fact that the one in the picture is on an RRA “Operator” rifle make up for its anti operator status?

  3. muthafucka Avatar

    Careful you might get some negative moa lol

    1. Operating Operator Avatar
      Operating Operator

      Mind blown

  4. Wow, so a kid’s toy helps with rifle accuracy? I’m in… we got bags of crap from when my kids were small… I’ll let you know how it goes :)

  5. That is probably the funniest post you’ve every authored. Bravo. “I’m thinking of buying 5 sets and running them up my whole barrel.”

  6. gothcopter Avatar

    When you start buying cock rings for your AR, that’s when you KNOW you’re compensating for something.

  7. JRKey Avatar

    Made in ‘Merica by the Trojan Company!

  8. GreenMountain Human Avatar
    GreenMountain Human

    Not the kind of “compensator” I’d want on my gear, regardless of color. Though I think I used to have some of these things on my tennis racket many years ago. ;)

  9. It’s good that RRA has a bipod–those free floats weigh about as much Rosie O’Donnell post Krispy Kream run. Also, this rifle is obviously not tactical enough, there are plainly sections of pic rail that are not covered with essential tactical gear-NC star laser, 3 sets of 45 degree BUIS, etc.

  10. Jesse Avatar

    Man I thought I opened the wrong website at first. I could have swore I just bought a set of these from the Museum of Sex in NYC last month.

  11. MrMaigo Avatar

    No one has a needle dick long enough to make a cock ring like that useful, it must be custom made… But why do they still have pleasure nubs?

  12. SittingDown Avatar

    That thing will probably melt off and cause a third degree burn. LOL

  13. Jake Wright Avatar
    Jake Wright

    This made me think of my StepDad, he used to swear that if you followed all of the tips they keep throwing out to improve gas mileage that you’d have to stop every so often and drain the gas out!

    I’d say if the product really worked manufacturers would make low profile ones onto their production rifles.

  14. WraithCobra Avatar

    Looks like something you wear if you have erectile issues…

  15. These things look like the gunpowder donuts we used to put on small mortar shells in Afghanistan.
    Anyone else see the similarity ?

  16. Chris Costa Avatar
    Chris Costa

    I have 8 of these- 5 on the barrel, 1 on the buttstock, and 2 on my c*ck.

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      Get tested immediately. The one on the buttstock could be contagious.