Drink Coors Light And Stack Silver Bullet Bullion To The Ceiling

Total boss shit right here:


You can grab your favorite round in .999 purity from Silver Bullet Bullion.

I often look at things and wonder why there isn’t a gun related version of it.  Precious metals? *strokes off list*

Ball too hard and fines may be imposed.

You’re definitely paying a premium for the gimmick… looks to be between 20% – 30% depending on the size of the round you’re buying.  Any real silver hoarder isn’t obviously buying these, but cool idea for a collectable to get someone their favorite round… as long as that’s either .45 ACP, .308, 50 BMG, or 20mm.

Hell you can even stab a sparkly vampire or a werewolf with one of these if you need to kill one.  Just make sure you don’t have any of the other Silver Bullet (Coors Light) in your system at the time… try explaining that in court.


Hat tip: Dennis


8 responses to “Drink Coors Light And Stack Silver Bullet Bullion To The Ceiling”

  1. Aaargo Jay Avatar
    Aaargo Jay

    “Sparkly vampire”… LMAO!

  2. Kevin Avatar

    Cool! While I would want one just cause it’s cool; collecting bullion is pretty useless unless you’re looking to turn it over as an investment. (even then I find it to be a waste)

  3. I actually buy my bullion monthly from NWTM. I think it’s pretty cool.

    And the reason they did .45 is because 9MM is too small to get to an ounce. :-p

  4. Matt in FL Avatar
    Matt in FL

    I know a guy who has a couple gold coins included in his NFA trust so that whoever has to do transfers after he’s gone will have an easily liquidated currency to pay for them. I like the idea of doing that idea with a couple .50 BMG rounds or a single 20 mm.

  5. SittingDown Avatar

    I still see a lot of people reading Twilight books. Maybe there is a market for these after all. LOL

  6. DavidD Avatar

    They should make these as snap caps. That’d make them pretty *AND* functional.

  7. MrMaigo Avatar

    Man, the price of silver really fell

  8. shockfish08 Avatar

    I dig the N****s in Paris reference :D