Chris Costa’s Awkward Satchel Now In An Uglier Color Combo Believe It Or Not

“Shark Jump Orange”, no wait “Embarrassing Orange” yea that’s the Pantone color, I’m sure of it:



You know… because the original the satchel is SO far from the ugliest thing everyone has ever seen, so why not draw huge amounts of attention to it and the fact you have a gun inside of it by making a new version which is bright and covered with camouflage. *eye roll*  Way to be discrete.  The camouflage they selected actually does work perfectly, but only on women.  If you’re wearing this thing around, you will be 100% invisible to them… that’s science in action.  

I pretty much said all the other funny things I could think of in the original post I did on the Awkward Life Helmet Satchel By Chris Costa So You Don’t Hurt Yourself On The World, so check it out if you want some laughs.

Are you sold on this new colorway, or are you hoping he maybe releases a 3rd version maybe with dazzle camouflage, unicorn print padding, and fail fuchsia accents?  I’m thinking Costa should be a peach and throw an adjustable life helmet in for a bundle price to save the customers some money.

Chris-Costa-Hive-SatchelYou have some time before halloween, but when you’re ready these things are $195 over at Blue Force Gear.  I’m unsure if the limited lifetime warranty covers wear and tear from the beatings anyone who calls themselves a “friend” will give you if you buy one of these for real use… something to look into.


Hat tip: Logan


14 responses to “Chris Costa’s Awkward Satchel Now In An Uglier Color Combo Believe It Or Not”

  1. Guy who really wants Chris Kyle's new book. Avatar
    Guy who really wants Chris Kyle’s new book.

    Mostly I’m just disappointed in Blue Force Gear for making it.

    1. +1.

      I also noticed that despite the plan to produce short runs of a color and then change to a new one they still have the original in stock.

    2. elephantrider Avatar

      Where are all the Costa defenders on this one? Now BFG is slapping his name on a marginal bag, with a high price tag, and a new nausiating color scheme.

  2. Pretty sure if these were Airforce 1s people would be busting nuts over them…

  3. Just WOW… did they have a meeting and say “yesh, it’s pretty damn ugly but I think we can improve on that”. Those guys must drink…. a LOT

  4. Regulus Avatar

    guess i better buy this or my old bag will fall apart and ill DIE

  5. What? They make unicorn prints?

  6. It really is a shame, because from a fashion point of view, I kinda like the Orange/Woodland or OD/pink combinations.
    Maybe they lost a bet? Maybe Chris Costa lost a bet. Or worse.
    Maybe he won one.

    1. Or this is the bet itself. Costa bet he could pitch the ugliest looking backpack ever and still get someone to make it. After he won he went double or nothing that he could make it even uglier and still get a second run.

  7. SittingDown Avatar

    *Tactical arm tape not included.

  8. Agitator Avatar

    Now fits extra arm tape

  9. elephantrider Avatar

    Wow! Double vomit inducing color scheme. Now retired 3-color desert with safety/blaze orange? Are we tring to stand out in a crowd, get noticed by fellow hunters, hide from deer, or hide from the Taliban? Let’s make up our minds Chris C. and BFG. ~$200 for that bag (even in non seizure inducing colors) is a fucking joke.

  10. hydepark Avatar

    Wow. I kinda figured this would be something you would rant and rave over on MILCENTRIC, Mike. Glad to see that’s not the case.

  11. SittingDown Avatar

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