Don’t Tread On Me And My Armed Girlfriends

Says Natalie who is pissed at the way some guys treat women who are into shooting, recreational and otherwise:

Is it gay that I thought “Damn MrColionNoir would look badass with that hair!”?  Maybe I shouldn’t have shared that. LOL contrast hair is so cutting edge… like when Asians rock the blond how they do. (Shout out to my blond Asian blog readers).

Cooked this up in the lab:


Yep confirmed… MrColionNoir would look badass with Natalie’s hair.  It’s also confirmed that she would not look good with his face.  I know some of you #Foreveralones are saying to yourselves “I’d Holla!”… but no… just no…

MrColionNoir you Shawn Michaels looking mofo you…  If you’re considering, I say run it past Upscale Allen… but as a career move in my opinion that look is a go.  Everyone wants a lawyer with amazing hair, it’s a fact. Cases have been won by epic hair alone; look it up in your fancy books.

Thoughts?  Would you love MsNatalieNoir long time?  What about the MrColionMichales look… good to go?


32 responses to “Don’t Tread On Me And My Armed Girlfriends”

  1. hnl.flyboy Avatar

    What has been seen…cannot be unseen…

  2. Ronald RayGun Avatar
    Ronald RayGun

    I don’t even want to know how many scotches you’ve had tonight…..

  3. Matt in FL Avatar
    Matt in FL

    What the holy hell…

  4. good grief man! xD

  5. Joe Mama Avatar
    Joe Mama

    Mommy….make them stop mommy.

  6. Nuke it from orbit.

    1. Aka 2/10 would not bang.

    2. El Duderino Avatar
      El Duderino

      It’s the only way to be sure.

      1. Taylor TX Avatar
        Taylor TX

        damnit you be me to it. This happens mostly at night, mostly.

  7. Dallas Avatar

    Yikes! Maybe if he rocked blond dreads…

  8. Russell Avatar

    That second picture is killing me lol. Cannot stop laughing

    1. elephantrider Avatar

      “If they mated.” For the old school Conan fans.

  9. Nakedgun Avatar

    Way to wreck a perfectly good video, Mike…
    And yeah, it’s probly not a very straight thought you’re having there.

  10. Powers Avatar

    Holy Christ!!!! WTF?

  11. I agree with her 100%. I remember selling guns and I despised the notion that all women should be resigned to pink revolvers or .380s because “they ain’t never gonna use it”. I caught much flak for it sometimes, but If a woman wanted her first firearm, I told her husband or boyfriend to shut up and let her pick what *she* wants. If you don’t like something, you wont use it and you’ll never be proficient with it.
    Oh, and guys.. Stop giving the petite girls Desert Eagles and 10 Gauge shotguns, knowing they are gonna hurt themselves. I know that’s just you stroking your small.. uh, pride, but it’s not helping and it’s a total dick move.

    1. rjparis Avatar

      Agreed. Although I do find it funny when anyone not only women grab a beast of a firearm and expect to be able to handle it. ( the trex shooting videos come to mind, haha all those people being flung around from recoil still make me laugh)

    2. All of my kids including my 3 daughters were started out with bb guns and pellet rifles, moving up to my .22 rifles and handguns. Now they all enjoy shooting my .38’s but they all love and want to shoot my 1911 ALL THE TIME. Between it and my HK91 clone I’m going broke buying ammo for their shooting.

    3. I hate hate hate hate the notion that women are only “Strong enough” to handle a 20 gauge, a .410, a .38, .380, or hell, .32 or .25 auto. Women more often than not can handle the recoil of a 12 gauge. They can handle the .45’s, they can handle the 10’s, they can handle the 9’s and the .40’s. Let them pick what’s comfortable for them. Let them learn what they can and cannot handle. Maybe she won’t like a .38 or a .380 because it’s too small. Maybe she wants that glock 21 in .45 because she likes the way it shoots. It’s her gun, it’s her decision. Stop treating them like inferiors because you don’t want to seem inadequate. And I do agree that the “Barely topping 100 pounds” types do not need to be handed a 3.5 inch ten gauge, or a desert eagle loaded with +P .44 magnums. It’s not funny to watch some girl be permanently turned off guns because of a bad experience. It hurts us as a community, because it’s bad enough a lot of male gun owners try to segregate their female counter parts to pink “Womens guns.” because they think they’ll be scared of something in a blued finish or stainless steel. They’re not scared of the guns color, trust me. Most of them understand that a gun is not a fashion accessory. It does not have to color coordinate. Most of them understand a gun a tool for hunting, targets, or self defense. So please, please, PLEASE step back and let them shop for themselves. They’re big girls. If they have questions, they’ll ask them. Don’t bullshit them either. Don’t tell them what they do and do not want. Look at it this way. If she doesn’t like the .45 Glock, or the .40 Glock, you just got a new gun to add to your collection.

    4. Right on, dude!

  12. Taylor TX Avatar
    Taylor TX

    Your photoshop work today definitely made up for some of the recent posts ha. My wife did a double take and said “good god what is that?”

  13. This needs to be a shirt… I would definitely add it to my collection.


    1. Oh hellz yes. Send me one!

  14. Al Cohol Avatar
    Al Cohol

    This is amazing. Exactly why I love your blog. And the text makes it even moe fucking hilarious

  15. Go home Mike, you are drunk.

  16. AAFES Hot Dog Guy Avatar
    AAFES Hot Dog Guy

    What the hell did I just see?
    Mike… Just stop. You’re scaring the chilluns.

  17. SittingDown Avatar

    *Tactical arm tape not included.

  18. Gaaah.

  19. dgdimick Avatar

    I just threw up in my mouth

  20. Get off drugs Mike.
    It’s not gay to think MrColionNoir is hot, we all think he’s hot. But photoshopping him into this blondie, that’s just drunk-ass gay…

    1. “We all think he’s hot”? Uhh, got a little sugar in your tank their bro?


  21. Love Natalie, she is a great role model. Oh and this girl has a 9mm and .40 pistol. And he looks like Bret Micheals with blonde hair.