Weak Force Training For Distractions

Everything is heterosexual up until 0:28 seconds:

If you’re going to push and kick someone to simulate what “might” actually happen… at least do it with some authority.  Homie was straight feeling up on his friend, and giving him those weak little love tap kicks.  Get a room you two.

I’m just glad the video cut off before they started making out.  Just wait until the mom of the guy in the white tank top finds out what they have been using her basement for.

Bro-TrainingRoughly translated at the end the camera man jokingly asks tank top guy “Bro do you even train?”… his reply “I train hard like lions mane with concrete in it”.  No idea… is that a thing over there?


Hat tip: Vance


7 responses to “Weak Force Training For Distractions”

  1. bonqueefaneeshatondralutishabamaniqua Motzart III Avatar
    bonqueefaneeshatondralutishabamaniqua Motzart III

    I’m pretty sure a tactical hand job happened there.

    1. BBJones Avatar

      That was an operator’s reach around.

  2. dgdimick Avatar

    First person I’d shoot is the fucker in the black, teach you to mess with my score.

  3. Church Avatar


  4. IllTemperedCur Avatar

    The only thing missing is the Blue Oyster Bar tango music from Police Academy.

  5. SittingDown Avatar

    Where’s the pink Polo? LOL

  6. Nakedgun Avatar

    Dayyyyam! I ripped me skinny-jeans, yo!