Drone Shooting At A Phone Which It Does Not Pwn

Drones.  So Hot right now.  Drones.

1:00 – Is it my imagination, or did only like two bird shot hit the screen?  In the operations I operate in, the screen protector better be able to handle more than that.

I love how the drone was just in the video for pizzaz.  

ClearPlex is the name of the company that makes the screen protector.  They have done advertisements with guns before which garnered a lot of views.  The hipster crowd likely finds these videos “edgy”, and pass them around to their hipster friends and as a result the ClearPlex guys buy more money counters and larger penthouse condos to sit around counting the money in.

Parrot-AR-Drone-QuadricopterAm I the only one that thinks Gorilla Glass is good enough?  I keep my phone in my pocket without a case, and haven’t had any problems yet.



6 responses to “Drone Shooting At A Phone Which It Does Not Pwn”

  1. SittingDown Avatar

    If it needs a case or “protector” it wasn’t designed properly to begin with and is junk IMHO. LOL

  2. TacticallyOperatingtroll Avatar

    Operating without a phone case? You obviously aren’t operating in operations hard enough, fast enough, or high enough. How is your phone supposed to survive when taking fire as it falls out of your pocket when you’re repelling out of a blackhawk.

    See also: https://www.everydaynodaysoff.com/2013/06/04/girl-barrettizes-the-google-nexus-7/

  3. 032125 Avatar

    Drone assassination. It will inevitably point in two directions, rather than one.

  4. uhhhh……i wonder if the company knows they just posted a felony online?

    “It is illegal to weaponize a vehicle.

    In order to fire it you would need to have the trigger activated by a servo, the ATF considers servo firing a machinegun. Another way of activating it would be electrically controlled trigger and that would be considered a MG in this platform.” – person i trust who is in the firearms industry.

    1. StarvinPilgrim Avatar

      All this might be true assuming it was filmed here in the States.

    2. SittingDown Avatar

      That drone looks like it was made in someones basement.