Tell Us What You Really Think About George Zimmerman

Totally Biased with Kamau Bell everyone:

At least the name of the show is accurate! hahaha

I have zero opinion any more on the Zimmerman / Trayvon thing.  I just want it to disappear… I’m sick of hearing about both those names and how much of a piece of shit they both were (are) from the opposing sides.  Yea I get it… Zimmerman is a racist and Trayvon was an angel *eye roll*, can we move on now and use the facts we know to make this go away?

Trayvon-Martin-Shooting-TargetChris Rock quit being funny a while back apparently.  Remember this?  A real shame, because his stand up back in the day was hilarious.

I haven’t heard of this Kamau Bell guy before today, but he doesn’t appear to be anything special.  Definitely not a natural.

I wonder if the traffic will pick up again on the Trayvon Martin Shooting Target post?  It’s an emotional roller coaster in there.  I love geting emails from people telling me I never should have made the target, and that I should go to hell.  If they would have read even sentence #1 in that post they would have seen I had nothing to do with it.  haha oh people…



17 responses to “Tell Us What You Really Think About George Zimmerman”

  1. Can we go back to when dumb celebrities didn’t share their opinions?

    1. Roman Scott Avatar
      Roman Scott

      Amen. I don’t count this guy as a celebrity. Never heard of him and he isn’t even funny.

      1. I was thinking more of Chris Rock, Granted this guy is also a huge ignorant / arrogant fucking moron; but Chris’s comment at the end was ludicrous. I don’t support either side of the case but to disregard due process and just base an ignorant opinion on the medias manifestation of what happened that night is just stupid.

  2. Taylor TX Avatar
    Taylor TX

    Only reason ive ever heard of this chode was that he has a show on FX i think, some sort of forced TV advertisement. I find it interesting that this fuckstick sitting on tv is OK with calling everyone ELSE racist.

    I want to get some “most dangerous game” celeb edition on.

  3. I am pretty much without an opinion other than this whole thing is so overblown it is ridiculous.

    I’m so glad I unsubscribed to the target post. That got ridiculous.

  4. Violent humor aside, I thought it was pretty funny. For the record, Chris Rock is still funny…..well that demand a plan nonsense was weak sauce.

  5. It never ceases to amaze me how many people are racist and don’t even know it. Sad really.

    1. Hard_Harry Avatar

      See I think he knows exactly how racist he is. It’s just that it’s currently OK for HIM to be racist.

    2. Oh you didn’t know it’s okay for black people to be racist against white people?

  6. What ever happened for a respect for the presumption of innocence?

    1. That went away with political correctness and the rest of the liberal agenda.

  7. If memory serves Zimmerman is a Democrat and voted for Obama.

    1. 032125 Avatar

      Apparently memory doesn’t serve.

  8. If a pot smoking, wanna be gangster is slamming my head on the ground, and I have a chance to stop the attack. I will. I am sorry if that offends, but I am offended you are offended.

  9. please george zimmerman is a lying peice of shit n wanna be cop who couldnt cut it amd didnt have what it takes to be one and his faliures pushed him to the next best thing which is being part of a neighborhood watch and i truly belive that he went out looking for trouble that fatal night, just because somebody is black and wearing a hoodie walking through a neighborhood dosent meen that he is nessicarly suspicious or trying to do any wrong he was simply walking back from the store with a bag of skittles and a drink when he was cowardly attacked and gunned down by this monster known as geroge zimmerman, hes guilty and eating his fat ass to death he deserves to rot in a cell and hell for the rest of his life god shall not have mercy on his soul

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      Cool story, bro. I have a nice shiny vampire I’ll sell ya for $5.

  10. I am so **ckin sick of this $hit. They can all go away