Mashable Looks At The 3D Printed Liberator Pistol

Nothing ground breaking, but at 8 minutes it’s worth watching:

Defense-Distributed-Libarator-3D-Printed-GunHe used the Cubify Cube 3D printer which starts at $1300.  This whole “printing on a cheap printing a gun” thing still seems to me like a recipe to lose function of your hands.  I know the results might not be quite as devastating as the Australian troll video pointed out, but when I hear guys like the one in the video talking about modifying the liberator on top of it all… it just makes sense firing it from a clamp and not actually taking the chance with your hands.



8 responses to “Mashable Looks At The 3D Printed Liberator Pistol”

  1. Mclovin got a 3D printer

  2. I’ve been to that range he went to, bunch of safety nazis! A guy got made at me there cause my brass was ‘hitting’ him in the foot. He was like 15 yards away….

  3. hydepark Avatar

    Holy fucking shit what a tool.

  4. wry762 Avatar

    “WHAT’S THAT?”. “If you made it, please don’t shoot it here!”. Yeesh. The guy’s tone of voice makes me think he’s be happier if the last ban had passed. What an ass.

    Oh, wait – was that range in MD?

  5. I can see why he would not want it on “his” range, liability and bad press if things go sideways.

    1. wry762 Avatar

      Yes, I understand. The printed guns have a bad rep, and not all of it is undeserved. But the range officer (assuming he was a RO) could handled it differently. Maybe the guy’s hearing-impaired and his wife just left him, I dunno. The nerd didn’t deserve to be treated like that. He’s not the only person who ever showed up at a range with something wacky. What will the RO do if someone shows up with a Mosin-Nagant cut down into a pistol, or an AR with a Slide Fire stock? Maybe one of those .50 BMG AR uppers?
      “Silly guns.. make Hulk… ANGRY! HULK SMASH!”.

      If you’ve got someone with something odd, stick them on a lane at one end of the line. If possible, try to have an open lane or three between them and the next shooter. Keep an eye on them and check your trauma kit. Maybe ask a few relevant questions, like “Have you fired that before?”, “Is that rated for that +P+ ammo you have there?” or “Who is your next of kin?”. I could even see the RO telling the nerd to C-clamp that gat to the bench and tie a long string to the trigger. But don’t jump on the nerd like you’re a cop in the park and he’s wearing a raincoat and no pants.

      1. It’s a public range, no range officers. Only state rangers that roll thru once in a blue moon. It’s called Elk Neck state Park range.

  6. SteelerFan Avatar

    He called the grip a “handle”. I think that’s up there on the list of least-operator things I’ve ever heard.