InteliDERP iPhone Rifle Scope Adapter

Text your mom while you’re double tapping tangos; tell her you might be late for supper:


June pre-order for $70 over at Inteliscopes.

Meh I’m not a fan, I’m sure they will sell like hotcakes though.  Even if I owned an iPhone you wouldn’t find me throwing one of these on my AR-15.  I don’t need something 4.5″ / 4.87″ wide (iPhone 4s/5) with a plastic hood increasing my drag when I operate in operations.  Not as wide obviously if you put in it portrait mode, but then you might as well strap a water ski to the top of your AR-15 because you just added lots of height.  If you’re not about drag reduction then what are you about cousin?

Cowwadoody nerds are going to love the video recording capabilities.  So many hunting head shots going up on vine and youtube… I can see it now.

Nothing like trading in the few thousand dollar Nightforce for a screen with digital zoom.  There are some more pictures and video up on the Intelliscope Facebook page, but no real life close look at it that I could see… just a lot of renders and tv quality video from a distance.

InteliscopeI can’t wait until some newb throws this on a .50, puts his face real close and the metaphorical hand of Steve Jobs slaps the shooter across the face for embarrassing shooters and iPhone users simultaneously.

At the end of the day, all the power to this company for making a product for one of the most popular smartphones which people are bound to get at least the $70 sticker price worth of enjoyment out of.

Considering the camera is off far to the one side, I wonder how you properly zero?

If I ever do get an opportunity to try this thing out, you better believe I’m going to be streaming some Chief Keef, dumping mags until the barrel droops like a wet noodle.


Hat tip: Jonathan


9 responses to “InteliDERP iPhone Rifle Scope Adapter”

  1. Replace my T1 Micro combat optic for a smart phone using Chinese-made internals and a camera that lags? Sure! What could possibly go wrong?

  2. StarvinPilgrim Avatar

    Off to prepare my youtube channel for some gruesome headshots!!!!!!!!!!

  3. JRKey Avatar

    I wonder what happens if you plug the headphones into the phone?!

  4. dave w Avatar

    Im sure verizon sends a live stream, complete with all your identifying data directly to feinstein

  5. bangbang Avatar

    there is nothing operator about 10 shirtless dudes sharing a glock.

  6. Al Cohol Avatar
    Al Cohol

    No iPhone? Thats that shit I don’t like… bang bang.

  7. Thunderr300 Avatar

    Chief Keef’s denim jacket is so fucking high speed…

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Word. That’s the shit I do like hahah.

  8. “…the metaphorical hand of Steve Jobs slaps the shooter across the face…”
    As an unashamed Apple fanboy, I found this very fitting.