Properly Outfitting Your Gun Loving Groomsmen

Joey did it right, bought all his guys ENDO Run Guns t-shirts and defended the meadow.  Priceless:





This what at some point in the bachelor party day.  So awesome, I’m always willing to consider helping out on the price when anyone has anything awesome like this planned and wants to deliver pics.  It’s unconfirmed whether strippers showed up at the meadow later that night.  If they did, I was told there are no pics of them in the shirts.

LOL @ the banjo even.

Congrats again Joey, have a long and happy marriage!  Thanks again for the pics.

Run Guns t-shirts available over at ENDO Apparel.



4 responses to “Properly Outfitting Your Gun Loving Groomsmen”

    1. StarvinPilgrim Avatar

      Nice!, Nothing like a little variety. From the AK & SKS to the “dirty-dirty” & a Mosin.

  1. ChrisM Avatar

    Shirtless dude FTW. Totally makes the pic.

  2. Ninjavitis Avatar

    I don’t know, I kind of like tactical assault banjo guy.