Vintage Derp From The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department

The sheer volume of emails I got about this was evidence enough that it needed to be seen:

Whenever I see YouTube videos over 5 minutes in length I let out an audible sigh which echoes around my lonely condo.  If the derp / entertainment factor looks promising I’ll watch it, but I’ve been burned so many times on 15 minute videos and end up being mad thinking “I could have watched an episode of New Girl instead of wasting my time with that bullshit.”  Yea I realize that’s probably the least operator thing I could have said, but whatever… it was said and I stand by it.  This video IS NOT a waste of time though thankfully.

Shout out to 1930s law enforcement:

0:36 – Shooting clays out of a fellow officers hand!  Good start guys… let’s keep the derp coming guys!

0:45 – Shooting chalk from between a clenched fist!  Niiiiiice.  They were all a bit too close for comfort for me.

0:58 – Putting out a cigar with some well placed shots.

1:08 – WTF kind of homoerotic action is going on here?  I was waiting for some Lady And The Tramp shit to go down…

1:18 – This guy keeps it real.  Chalk in the mouth and the ears!  Wow those first two shots were close! LOL

1:33 – Why pee your name in the snow or dirt when you can write it with automatic gunfire?

4:02 – Pass your buddy your loaded revolver muzzle first for the lulz

5:59 – Trigger discipline is for pussies.

The combat range drills at 10:16 are interesting.

I like the brass collection method at 12:43… oh the joy of revolvers over semi-autos.  Sorting? Sizing? Reclaiming Lead?  What a responsible bunch!  Back in the 30s I see it wasn’t SPEND SPEND SPEND.

13:17 – Picking up the lead with his bare hands!  Have fun possibly getting sick and dying.

13:55 – Reloading!  These guys are awesome.

Los-Angeles-County-SheriffIf the LASD are still this skilled in 2013, I think they should be teaching the LAPD how to up their hit percentage.

Funny how that video started out epic facepalm turbo-derp, and ended up awesome.


Hat tip: The tons of you that sent it in, finally convincing me to watch it!  Sorry for the wait.


28 responses to “Vintage Derp From The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department”

  1. hnl.flyboy Avatar

    HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Barely a minute in and I’m cringing like hell!

  2. David Avatar

    It was 1936, things were different.

  3. That is pretty wild. I think the “Gangbuster” is just an early version of the 1-5 VTAC drill :D

  4. They have a sweet reloading setup.

  5. triggernoob Avatar

    25 cents for the range fee. Awesome.

  6. fifty five cents for a box of .38s. Boy, THAT would be nice.

    However, these days, the Union would be screaming bloody murder if the officer had to pay for his own range time and ammo for a MONTHLY qualification.

  7. Matt in FL Avatar
    Matt in FL

    There is so much to love about this video. For some reason I’m thrilled by the range master’s microphone hanging from strings.

    If there was a private club around here with a 25 yard pistol range with a tunnel and pit, I’d join in a heartbeat.

  8. Some Dude Avatar
    Some Dude

    4:40- Cop “records” his throw-down piece with a taped up grip?

    14:16- After months of scraping by to get ammo, I think I need to change my pants.

    14:39- Mr. Rogers was a bad ass in 1938.

    15:14- That’s the worst chorus line I’ve ever seen.

  9. Back when cops could shoot and hit what they shot at. Bet they didn’t get hurt either.

  10. the brass collection method is similar to what a local range does. a fine mesh screen, the casings funnel down into a coffee can below to be collected later.

  11. That was definitely a different group of cops.

  12. Smooth Operator Avatar
    Smooth Operator

    Why wasn’t I born 90 years ago? These guys know how to have a good time at the range, not bad shooting either. The thin blue line wins it again.

    Even though some elements of this historical shooting appears to be unsafe I will take this over bleeding zombie targets and basement operators anyday.

    1. David Avatar

      There are fall too many modern mall ninjas looking for high speed tactical derp training that they ignore the basic and fundamentals of shooting.

  13. I was waiting to see somebody get splattered on the backstop.

    I wonder how many officers are on the cutting room floor…and buried under the berm.

  14. ASM826 Avatar

    Some of the rest of that stuff is hard to watch, but picking up lead bullets with your hands is not an issue. Cast bullet reloaders handle wheel weights (as do the tire guys come to think of it), old bullets, linotype, ingots, and new bullets all the time. You should wash them thoroughly before eating anything or sticking them in your mouth but metallic lead is not easily absorbed through the skin.

  15. Regulus Avatar

    so ive noticed something. the guy that runs the blog “gun nuts” ( steals alot of your post ideas. ive been noticing this trend for awhile now. its like he’s trying to mirror ENDO. how dare him.

    1. Regulus Avatar

      ah hell. he said he got it from ur sight. 6 lashings for me. sorry about that. guess i should have read more. lol. (facepalm)

      1. Regulus Avatar

        *SITE damnit

      2. Matt in FL Avatar
        Matt in FL

        Yeah, there’s so many “stories of mutual interest” in this community that there always seems to be some of that. Unless it’s original material, I really don’t think there’s a “first” to be had in a lot of cases.

        This video in particular also showed up on The Truth About Guns about 10 minutes ago, but the way their system works, it could have been in the scheduling pipeline for a couple days before it got posted. Sometimes people get their knickers twisted about “I had it first,” but let’s be honest… the LA County Sheriff posted it almost two months ago. As a matter of fact, though I didn’t actually watch the whole video and comment on it until I saw it on ENDO, that was not the first place I saw mention of it. So technically, if I saw it somewhere else the day before ENDO posted it, and I sent it to TTAG, but they didn’t publish it ’til today, who was actually “first?”

      3. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        cool I’ll have to check it out! Either way, I had nothing to do with the video so that was just him being nice by saying he saw it here.

      4. Matt in FL Avatar
        Matt in FL

        So, my comment that was “awaiting moderation” apparently didn’t make the gun. Is that other site something like “he who shall not be named” around here or something? Because I like your blog a lot, but if we’re not even allowed to mention that place, I’d definitely lose some respect for you.

        1. Matt in FL Avatar
          Matt in FL

          *cut. make the cut.

          Got guns on the brain, apparently.

        2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          Sorry there were a lot of spam bots which hit the site today. I’m tired of the “who was first” talk and I don’t think most (or any?) bloggers care because none of us have anything to do with the content itself. People come here to read what I write about it, if they didn’t care they could just visit any number of other sites or watch it through their sub list on YouTube.

        3. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          Oh I found your comment and unspammed it btw. It’s above.

          1. Matt in FL Avatar
            Matt in FL

            You’re a good man. It’s the first time I’ve run into the spam filter here, so it was unexpected, and I thought the worst. For that, my apologies.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Caleb is cool. People are free to do what they want, no one can duplicate ENDO and I doubt he’s trying to. He has his own successful thing going over there. I read his site too when I get a chance!

      1. Regulus Avatar

        I’m sorry guys. :-( I’m starting to gossip like a damn women over here. i’ll run the gauntlet if it needs to be done.

  16. Shaun Avatar

    It’s not derp when you can back it up. The good old days when American knew how to shoot .