Keep Your Balloon Away From An Unsuppressed Firearm

I hate when my novelty balloons get ruined by muzzle blast:

I really need to look into a suppressor.  I went way over my helium balloon budget last month, that was NOT cool. Hat to make cutbacks in cashmere socks, smoked cheeses, and artisan salts.

Balloon-TrollThe real crime here is that perfectly good helium to inhale is going to waste.  If you’re not killing braincells and staying stupid shit with your lungs full of the nobelest of gases then you’re just not living.



10 responses to “Keep Your Balloon Away From An Unsuppressed Firearm”

  1. Practice safe shooting…so you do, or don’t…want me to shoot my firearm next to my friends head? I’m confused here.

  2. chris Avatar

    had* saying* are you sure you didn’t take the helium? haha

  3. Yeah mike you do.

    Great can. Should have one to test shortly. From what I’ve seen and heard its excellent.

  4. Awwww. This video makes Hank Johnson cry :-(

  5. Harris Avatar

    It would have been more fair if the non-suppressed version didn’t have a muzzle brake on it. Brakes purposefully deflect gas to the sides which is pretty mean to the balloon. It’s still better to use a suppressor though- if you can get one legally.

    1. SWR tried it with the flash hider mount and the same thing happened.

  6. supressors should be mandatory.

  7. SittingDown Avatar

    Don’t stand next to clowns while shooting. Problem solved.

  8. Just remember that you can shoot mimes legally if you use a silencer. ;-)