Richard Ryan Destroys The OG Linksys Router

The WRT54G is such a classic… definite OG shit.  You can hack them nicely too:

Behind the scenes commentary:

Richard-Ryan-ENDONot your best tech assassin video Richard, I’ll say that much haha… nice shot though at least!  You should have trolled by packing the router with tannerite then talking about how powerful 9mm is because it caused such an explosion.  Or you could have at least or put the top round in the HK magazine in backwards in your intro shots!  People need to start retaining me for advice on trolling, then I’ll hire some of you guys I know whose troll games are tight, and middleman the advice for a cool percentage.

Richard is wearing his favorite California No Right To Bear Arms t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.


14 responses to “Richard Ryan Destroys The OG Linksys Router”

  1. aye, these routers were the tits. I used several to daisychain a wireless bridge through a friend’s rather large house using DD-WRT. If you have any more of those, RR, ship them to me. I love these routers and while the DD-WRT firmware has been updated to run on more modern routers. I guess it’s moot now too, but back when the original Xbox came out with xbox live, you had to get an expensive “bridge” from microsoft. I saved a bunch of friends $100 on that ridiculous bridge by buying boatloads of brilliant black and blue boxes.

    I thoroughly enjoyed shooting the P30s (that is, plural P30, not the p30 with the short slide – shot ~100 rounds through 9s and 40s) but their triggers leave a lot to be desired, aside from the LEM triggers, which I really liked. This is coming from a 1911 guy, so admittedly a lot of triggers leave a lot to be desired. Super comfy guns to handle, but for some folks I sold these to, they had issues with the mag release getting hit by a finger under recoil. I realize that’s more of a shooter’s problem than an inherent flaw in the design of the gun, but just an observation. I’m lazy and don’t want to post on your YT page, and know you read the blog, so here you go.

    1. Skyler Avatar

      The “s” actually stands for “safety” as the original p30 did not have one. I have a P30L and despite some trigger work it still isn’t near a 1911, but it shoots fast and accurately in my hands so she stays in my glove box.

  2. I meant to say, “even though DD-WRT has been updated to work on newer routers, I always try to snag these when I see them on Craigslist.”

  3. Trolling…on the Internet? Sir you had my curiosity, but now you have my attention.

    Soon as I get a new iPhone, the current one is going to RR to get a proper Viking burial.

  4. Smooth Operator Avatar
    Smooth Operator

    Theres nothing like a wrt54g. I always pick up the older but better ones at tag sales whenever I see them. I think theres 4 wrt54gs running in my house now as access points (almost 1 in every living area) using dd-wrt. They all have ridiculous ssids too to keep the neighbors “entertained”.

    My 610n bricked a few weeks ago so now I need to find a replacement main router with wireless n that is supported by dd-wrt.

  5. SittingDown Avatar

    Those with WRT54G’s should check out Tomato Firmware:

    1. Todd S Avatar

      I second Tomato!

  6. Matt in FL Avatar
    Matt in FL

    Wow, so this is not a venue in which I would have ever expected to find this subject. But yeah, I loved my wrt54g running dd-wrt. I had to give it up when I went to high speed broadband (from 10/1 to 40/5 and now 60/5) because it wasn’t capable of handling the higher speeds, or at least I wasn’t capable of making it. I couldn’t get it to give me throughput higher than 20 Mb/s. Did I miss something?

    I’m now using a ubee cable modem with built-in router, because that’s what the cable company gave me to replace my own Linksys cable modem. If there’s a way to make my old 54g handle the speeds, I’d bridge the ubee in a heartbeat and go back to routing through my 54g with dd-wrt.

    1. dude, it’s the interwebs. there are technology nerds everywhere, even on gun blogs

  7. I have an old Palm phone. I wonder what that would look like?

  8. spencer Avatar

    I thought I had clicked on one of the tech blogs I watch for a second there

  9. Jayson Avatar

    aw man I could’ve used that in my asterisk environment. It’s true, the wrt54g is gangster shit

  10. SouthPawByNW Avatar

    If Richard is going to start shooting old tech how about he put some rounds in a copy of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the NES (1989)? That game was the bane of my childhood as I would always get run over by the stupid Foot Soldiers when I popped out of a sewer.

  11. matt RRC Avatar
    matt RRC

    I still use that router. Solid.