Joe Biden Chocolate Bullet Myth Debunked

Remember when that kid wrote biden about chocolate shooting guns?

Glad to see Iraqveteran8888 took up my challenge.  hahah “Shotcolate”… nice. 

I don’t know about any of you guys, but I’m not taking a chocolate slug to the face.  Damn IV8888 really stepped up their camera!  That slow motion is sick too.

Joe-Biden-Chocolate-Shooting-Guns-LetterThe country being safer and happier?  Nah… doesn’t look like it Joe.  People would still die.  What did he expect?  People gleefully taking chocolate to the face and being like *nom nom nom* MOAAAARRRRR!



7 responses to “Joe Biden Chocolate Bullet Myth Debunked”

  1. Louis Avatar

    I bet even a cartridge full of chocolate sprinkles or choc drops would sting somewhat.
    “I used to be able to see like you, then i took a chocolate drop to the eye!”

  2. I’m not too keen on taking ANYTHING moving at more than a couple hundred feet a second to the face. Not even a canned fart. Nope. No thanks.

  3. Taylor TX Avatar
    Taylor TX

    Ha the slow motion really is entertaining, the loaf of bread was great.

  4. Spencer Avatar

    They need to do this to a jar of hazelnut “cream”. Bust-a Nutella!

  5. Enfieldem2 Avatar

    Idea for a novel, assassin who only uses chocolate or candy rounds in his gun because they are “untraceable” give the main character a wacky name and a storyline tripper than fear and loathing in Las Vegas.

  6. RR will have to come in and give his opinion, but it looks like a regular gopro hero of some kind.

    the hero 3 black will record 480p at 240fps. 720p at 120fps.

  7. Looks like 120 fps at 720p. Can be had for less than 200$ now. Just picked up Sony’s little gopro wannabe.