Dynamically Slicing The Pie And Eating It Too

A short intro vid to a new group calling themselves Dynamic Pie Concepts:

Dynamic-Pie-ConceptsCome for the logo, stay for the sound of gunfire over Ave Maria. That song is beautiful…

Any operators that have actual pie in their logo I know hands down will meet my operational requirements.

That close range auto spray at the end was epic.



9 responses to “Dynamically Slicing The Pie And Eating It Too”

  1. Regulus Avatar

    Nice vid. 1st part was funny. And I love that song! Agent 47 would be proud.

  2. 032125 Avatar

    Oh man, I really need to get out to the range. Anybody seen any ammo on shelves lately?

  3. Church Avatar

    Awesome intro video! My interest is sparked.

  4. That. was. BEAUTIFUL.

  5. elephantrider Avatar

    Superset Media Group (SMG) has highlighted some good training from Frank Proctor, so I’m curious to see what Dynamic Pie Concepts has in store.

  6. Rjackparis Avatar

    wonderful video. what sort of shooting is this? ( if i could find ammo for recreational shooting/practice out of the ordinary that is.)

    1. elephantrider Avatar

      Action pistol/3 gun mostly. See if there is an action pistol club/range near you.

  7. Fredrico Avatar

    I LOVE pie!!!
    Can’t wait to se more!!

  8. Sod White Avatar

    Say, that there logo of yours wouldn’t happen to be available as a patch, would it, huh huh?

    Great stuff, great footage.