Open Carrying To Troll Police Officers And Educate Us

This Albany Oregon cop (Jim Estes) is cool as the other side of the pillow:

You can check out the same footage from another guy’s camera. It’s missing some solid derp at the start and the end though so I still recommend the video I put in the post even thought the quality isn’t as good.

1:19 – “Can I compromise with you?  I have an AR in my car.  If you let me take a look a your AR I’ll show you mine, and trust me mine is why cooler than yours.”

Interesting approach.  I don’t see what that accomplishes though besides to break the ice to find out who these guys are.

4:30 – hahha the cop shut that kid down on his “I can’t hold it unless I have a permit” SBR auto whining.  Nice.


I am not a fan of police officers asking for information they know they are not entitled to.  People that don’t know the law then proceed to give it to them because they associate the badge with supreme authority.   Not right in my opinion.

I’m also not a fan of open carry trolling either, but I do wish people would stop shitting their pants every time they saw someone with a gun out in public on someone who doesn’t look like a cop or a non-threatening old man or something to them.  Better safe than sorry?  Sure maybe… but where do you draw the line?

everything-could-be-a-trollBottom line is these kids are idiots.  If you’re going to attempt something like this at least be smarter about it, don’t just hit pause on CAWWADOODY, tell your mom you might be late for supper, text your bros, and throw a rifle on your back.

Markedguardian (one of the guys in the video) seems to have made it his life’s work to open carry troll. If you click the link you can find A TON of other videos he’s done on exactly that.



33 responses to “Open Carrying To Troll Police Officers And Educate Us”

  1. William Avatar

    At least the officer was cordial enough to say “its mostly my curiosity”. The officer knows these kids, even though they are trolling, are within their rights. He is most likely curious as to if the ARs are loaded, which would allow him to have a more reasonable grasp of possible threats, like if the kid has it in his hands and not on his back, exactly how much time it would take to rack around into it and start firing, as opposed to having to do a mag swap, or just carrying the rifle for show, if he knows its empty he is going to be more willing and lax to let the kid actually have it in his hands.

  2. actually the cop was perfect, and the trolls kids were a little butthurt he wasn’t more aggressive, this cop video should be used for training, everything he did was perfectly legal and even polite, big props from me.

  3. silenceXcorE Avatar

    I want to shake this police officers hand… We need more police officers like this, who know the laws and don’t make demands. Kudos from me for sure.

  4. PFULMTL Avatar

    I’ve seen a bunch of these, but these guys seemed too scared to even walk around with it.

  5. Frank Avatar

    The guy who posted the video talks WAAAY too much. He needs to cut down his video shit, sticking to the actual ORS. His hoity-toity bullshit is getting old, even though it’s legal. I wish he would start sending letters to police departments, and then walk around open carrying. At least they’d have a memo for their records knowing what goes on. Or rather, why doesn’t he hold a sign showing the ORS.

    Is he breaking the law, no. Is he a troll? Yes. In Oregon is open carry and trolling legal: Yes.

    I’m getting sick of his anti-gov 1970’s commie-pinko-fag attitude, but then again I live in Oregon and his opinion is his and mine is mine. Both are covered under the law.

    With a CHL in Oregon LOADED carry is A-OK. Some cities don’t require a CHL for open loaded carry. Most of the big cities do.

  6. SittingDown Avatar

    I always thought FXHummel’s “Open Carry Song” was directed toward Markedguardian (the guy with the speech disorder in this video).

  7. Instead of making friends with an obvious COOL COP who would probably be more than happy to take them to shoot a full auto SBR, they have to be dicks. Yes, I get that they are within their rights to not give ID but this is just standard procedure. I have friends that are cops and they tell me the same thing. I fucking HATE open carry trolls.

    1. BBJones Avatar

      Agreed these guys are tools looking for attention.

      Disagree that you should give ID as “standard procedure.” I give my ID when I want to or demanded by law. Not just because it makes someone feel better. It is also “standard procedure” for police to ask to search a vehicle even if they do not have probable cause. It is also “standard procedure” to have suspects talk to them even though it is in the rights of the suspect to not talk.

  8. And the cop’s AR was wayyyy better than that windham piece of shit

  9. Open carry is pretty common in this part of Virginia, I doubt most people would care.

  10. Tactical Trolls! I live in an open carry county, and only open carry when I am in the woods shooting or fishing deep in the woods. When I am fishing and I run into other people and they see my firearm, they usually look at me like “oh no the lone gunman in the woods here to rob me.” But, when they notice my fishing vest and fishing poll they realize that’s not the case. Most people understand it is for protection, others ask why and I explain the reason, then they understand. Outside of that I would never open carry in a city, even if I could not legally conceal carry. I don’t want that kind of attention, and I like to fly under the radar. Out of sight, out of mind!

  11. Smooth Operator Avatar
    Smooth Operator

    This video shows the reasons exactly why we can’t have nice things. Nobody likes a showoff and know it all, and no one is going to respect their actions in this video. In all the ridiculous open carry cop testing videos I’ve seen the people have a minimal knowledge of law, and always reference Terry vs Ohio or “reasonable suspicion” as if they have their doctorate in law. They usually have some kind of speech impediment too. I feel the need to do anything like this in the first place if fully a result of immaturity and just being butthurt over a speeding ticket or something.

    The reason I bring this up is because your everyday liberal will use this to make some kind of judgement on gun owners and the concept of open carry, based on the absurdity of these “open carry” AR videos posted all over youtube. It is not hard to see how people would become against open carry laws when idiots demonstrate open carry like this.

    Good for the officer for intelligently and respectfully dealing with these morons.

  12. 2Wheels Avatar

    I’m tired of all these guys who clearly only open carry rifles to troll cops and post it on youtube, it’s a little overdone at this point…

    Ooooh, you’re vaguely aware of your rights and you’re exercising them… I’m so impressed… I feel so educated… Way to show that cop who’s boss…


    Now, as for people shitting their pants when they see an open carried firearm? I understand it to a certain degree, a handgun is one thing but to carry a rifle in an urban area is not normal behavior and people worrying about a guy wandering around with an AR15 is understandable.

  13. croppedxout Avatar

    these dudes are trying so hard to make this cop look like a dick.

  14. Listening to some of you, I wonder how the American revolutionary war was won in the first place. “Dear god, we certainly should not waste all that good tea by throwing it in the water! On top of that, the king might get mad at us.” Or for a more modern take, I’m glad black folks decided not to just continue to sit on the back of the bus. It just shows how deep and ingrained the state’s conditioning has become. It’s working on a number of you right here, and you LIKE the 2nd amendment.

    At the same time, I will say this: if you are going to open carry to make a point about it, then you better know the law upside down inside and out. These guys do not, and they quiver at the sight of the officer. They get super nervous and don’t know basic legal precedent (no need to show I.D. unless there is a reasonable suspicion that a crime has been committed. Open carry is not a crime, therefore it is not a proper basis for a “stop and identify”). If you are going to play this game, then you need to be mentally, logistically, and emotionally ready. Know your shit and act like it. You need to be like the guys who put the DHS inside the border “papers please” checks into their proper place.

    These guys need to do back and do basic legal research - If you are going to open carry to prove a point, then you must understand the law better than the cops, you must be ready and willing to be arrested when a not-so-cool cop decides to arrest you anyways for defying his authority. Therefore, you should also have a retainer on hand with a great civil rights lawyer in your area.

    These guys are amateurs. Open carry can be better than this.

    1. Mitch Avatar

      Speaking of having a retainer on hand, I think this guy needs to take his out of his mouth when speaking.

      The only reason these guys would go for walk is to get attention… like people that buy oversized Neon Green G-Force watches, matching zig running shoes, and penny jerseys… yes, we get it, you are into fitness. no one cares. quit trolling by running down the center of the road blocking traffic… sorry little tangent there.

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        ahhahah I loved the tangent

  15. Regulus Avatar

    this cop handled this very well! these guys though need another hobby. ya its our rights and stuff but damn they are just askin for trouble. lol.

    1. Regulus Avatar

      lisppp lisp lisp lisssppp

  16. d0zer Avatar

    What a bunch of inarticulate pseudo-law student trolls–cop excepted of course. FFS, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. For example, it’s perfectly within my 1A rights to make fun of the speakers speech impediment, and imply some manner of underlying mental retardation, but I won’t for many reasons, among them that polite discourse SHOULD NOT include ad hominem attacks.

    Kudos to this cop, and all the others that are able to be so professional in the face of such ass hattery.

  17. I hate watching these trolling videos. Very annoying and unneeded. The officer is asking for their licenses for his safety and his job. It’s no different then being asked an upsell question at a car or food establishment. The officer’s job is a dangerous one and he has no idea who these guys are or if they are even legally allowed to own or carry a rifle.

  18. Andy Wolf Avatar
    Andy Wolf

    They seem to have a rudimentary understanding of their rights, or at least lack the ability to articulately communicate them. I would have cooperated simply because of the courtesy of it all. The guy wasn’t showing up with an attitude, he was a fellow shooter. It seemed perfectly natural to cooperate. After all, one hand washes another.

    Open carry trolling is obnoxious. It’s embarrassing in a lot of ways. If you want to be activists, try being more organized. Maybe gather many people. Get a demonstration permit or gather somewhere. Otherwise, you look like lone trollers or nuts. Even I would be a little more alert, especially considering the situation.

    But, that’s the quiet pro in me talking. I too want to make a difference, but there is a smarter way.

  19. Calvin Avatar

    Short of sentencing registered Democrats to spend 8 hours at the nearest range open carry is one of the best ways to make guns a widely accepted part of American culture again. If more normal people carried people would “get over it”. I think most gun owners would agree but the next line is usually, “Yeah, okay, you first …”

    1. d0zer Avatar

      Sorry Calvin, but that view is naive at best. There is nothing to “[get] over…” from the other side’s perspective. And were someone magically be able to wave their magic wand and bestow at least some bare modicum of apathy over a previously anti 2A crowd, that would last only until the first round was fired from the next mass shooting.

      I am fully and unconditionally supportive of our 2A rights, but engaging in an action I can best describe as “going full retard” is not the way.

  20. Quint Young Avatar
    Quint Young

    I love how the guys think they know the law. “Well it’s illegal for me to posses that without a tax stamp”, if he’s still there with you then your not POSSESSING it. Possession = ownership. These guys are idiots.

  21. Ninjavitis Avatar

    I choose not to open carry simply because I don’t like the attention. I don’t want anyone knowing my capabilities until the need arises. In a system that is increasingly compiling faces and names and feed enormous databases with that information, anonymity is a powerful tool. You don’t maintain that by making sure every Officer in your area knows your face (if not your name) and knows that you may be an issue at some point in the future. I prefer to blend in to the crowd and never be noticed. I’m pretty pessimistic about the whole thing. I have no faith in our government to do what’s best for us and I don’t feel that the ability to effect our laws rests in the hands of the common citizen. Both sides of the debate are very polarized and vocal, adding my voice to that screaming match won’t change anything. Logic is no longer a part of the argument when everyone thinks “common sense” laws are something different. No matter what the laws play out, I will always be armed for my safety and that of the people around me. I do believe that local Law Enforcement Officers tend to work in the best interest of their communities but then, I live in a small town. These kids are an embarrassment.

  22. Since when is it illegal to possess a SBR/full auto when the tax stamp holder is present and gives you permission to hold/use the gun? I’m not an expert in bird law, but I’ve handled and shot guns with cans, SBRs, and machine guns that I did not own, with the owner present, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t break any laws. Maybe I did…but I doubt it

    1. If they’re going to sit here and talk about “bla bla bla it’s my right, I have a micropenis,” (paraphrasing) shouldn’t they at least be informed about what they’re talking about? If people like this were a bit more willing to do something as simple as show an ID, and not be difficult for the sake of being difficult, it would paint us all (gun owners) in a better light to the anti-gunners. Videos like this just portray gun owners, as a whole, in a negative light, like that kid who argued with you and said “I know you are but what am I?”

      1. I liked the cop’s counter-troll, calling the guy’s rifle a POS, lol. and here I am on an internet blog talking to myself again :-(

      2. also, aren’t SBRs/FAs that are registered in a trust able to be possessed by anyone listed in that trust?

  23. Chris Avatar

    The kids in this video make me think of this terrible, terrible “thug” xbox live kid talking trash.

    60 seconds. Wait for the end…

  24. Stephen Carmona Avatar
    Stephen Carmona

    Jim Estes,
    Is a patient and professional officer. I’d like to have him working in my neighborhood.

  25. Open carry like this is one of the quickest ways to convince on-the-fence people that the Feinsteins and Bradys and Schumers are 100% right: that pro-gun people are ignorant rude jackasses who can’t be allowed out in public, let alone allowed to own a gun.

    These morons need to spend 8 hours at the nearest batting cage. Parked square in front of the pitching machine.