Sporting Applications Of Popular German Rifles

Who ever said select fire rifles don’t have a sporting application was wrong:

That’s a nice spread on the table at the beginning!

Recoil Magazine must be shaking in their money filled boots knowing that 3 civilians were able to get a hold of an MP7.  Luckily the only casualty that day was a digital SLR.

Speaking of digital SLRs, I really thought I would get a lot more use out of my Canon 60D than I have so far.  I have used it for some shirt pics and what not, but I just find I don’t have the time to play with it as much as I’d like to.  Maybe I’ll shoot a full look book for ENDO Apparel this summer.

Richard-Ryan-ENDOI know I said this in the past, but Corridor Digital is awesome.  I haven’t posted all that much of their stuff lately because it has been very videogame oriented but you should make sure to check them out.

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9 responses to “Sporting Applications Of Popular German Rifles”

  1. In the behind the scenes it looks like corridor digital had a great time shooting some machine guns. They also “get” what silencer ownership is all about.

    Richard Ryan is an excellent ambassador for shooting sports, Machine gun and NFA ownership in general. And he lives in California. BOSS.

    1. Much appreciated. It’s hard to live up to that kind of pressure when cameras are always rolling and you speak casually. I watch footage that I don’t edit or see until it goes up like that behind the scenes video and I want to stick my foot in my mouth. Like where I say 4.6mm instead of 4.6x30mm or clarify that I was talking about the bolt making most of the noise on the MP7 when it’s suppressed and not suppressed firearms in general. I wait patiently for the troll that says “have you even heard a suppressed .223 or 50 bmg?! They’re still loud…”

  2. Church Avatar

    Where’s the footage from the Canon?

    1. The cannon shots are from the Breakdown video I did on Assassin’s Creed 3 here:

  3. M Wilder Avatar
    M Wilder

    So, who hit the camera first?

    1. That’s a good question. Upon inspecting the camera and reviewing play back… 2 of the 3 are most certainly 4.6x30mm holes. The first shot could of been .223 by the size of the exit hole. The G36 really climbed when he held down the trigger so if he didn’t get the first shot he didn’t hit it at all.

  4. John H Avatar

    Hey ryan what are your thoughts on gun laws?

    1. Existing? New? State? Federal? We’re a law based society. I’m not opposed to certain types of laws, however there are plenty of existing laws that frustrate the hell out of me. Bullet buttons, magazine restrictions… Even the Hughes Amendment frustrates me. Personally, a lot of my beliefs stem off the individuals right to choose. If I want to own a MP7… I should be able to. Same thing with people who want a M16… They shouldn’t have to pay for a constitutional right… Let alone $30k for a rifle that predates the ban. That’s fiscal discrimination. Only the wealthy or privileged can afford those constitutional rights. I do, however, think the punishments for violent crime should be more strict with fewer plea bargains. Curb crime with stronger penalties for violent crime and repeat offenders that stick rather than punish law abiding citizens who chose to own certain firearms. I’m also not opposed to the NICS. I’m not a big fan of California’s wait periods though…

  5. M Wilder Avatar
    M Wilder

    I was just thinking. Since this year is the 150th anniversary of many major Civil War battles, such as Gettysburg, you should do a video on Civil War weaponry. Of course, Richard Ryan style. Just a thought, as I was getting my reenacting gear together.