Staged Shooting Match With Marriage Proposal Ends Well

Military veteran proposes to his girlfriend at the range:

hahah I like how the “NO” target was much smaller than the yes target. It’s lucky the safety rules are instilled in Karina, because for a split second after that poster rolled down I thought she was going to swing around, muzzle sweep everyone with that loaded 1911, and give her boyfriend a hug/kiss.  Imagine if just to troll him she shot the “YES”, then proceeded to mag dump into the “NO” and then rip up the target stand?  Yea actually now that I typed that and read it over that would just be really mean, plus 1911s don’t exactly hold enough to be that dramatic.

Shooting-Range-ProposalWearing a Glock hat, and got a center of mass hit on that steel “YES” target… yea she’s a keeper. Congrats to both of them.

Any of you guys ever done, or been involved in a firearm or explosives related proposal?  Was the answer always “YES”?

Hat tip: Matt


14 responses to “Staged Shooting Match With Marriage Proposal Ends Well”

  1. croppedxout Avatar

    Awesome idea, congrats!!

  2. Richard Ryan proposed with a Barrett m82. And he recorded it in slow motion.

    I’m not sure if what I said was correct

    1. Kevin Avatar

      You took the liberal approach, Nice!

  3. jpcmt Avatar

    Classy job Dean!

  4. Frank Avatar

    Since she’s out of the kitchen, where are her pants?

  5. IllTemperedCur Avatar

    Dammit, I got some dust in my eyes.

    Yeah, dust.

  6. Nakedgun Avatar

    Very nice; congrats! She’s a keeper… I got mine too..

  7. If he were a confident man, he would have made the “NO” target the same size as the “YES” target.

    1. Frank Avatar


      Plus he could have done this privately instead of embarrassing her in front of people when a voice in her head says, “Not yet.” Or “No.”

      You’d be surprised how many women and men get married because some asshole proposes in front of family or friends. That is when the heat is fucking on.

      1. Karina Avatar

        Dean is a very confident man, he did it like that to be funny (and maybe to help me out since my shooting skills are not as good as his? lol) This was hands down the best day of my life and I wouldn’t change any part of it. Just for a little background he was my first boyfriend in high school and we have known each other for a little over 10 years, after achieving some life goals, dating other people, and doing our own thing we decided to get back together and give it a try and I am so glad we did. Two deployments, two big moves, one graduate school degree, a few years, and countless other big moments later I know he is the man of my life, and I am really looking forward to spending the rest of my life with him. So please don’t comment in issues that you have no idea about, or maybe you are just jealous because you didn’t think about it first? lol Either way I wish you the best, and I hope that after learning a little bit about us you do the same! :)

        Take care!


        1. I’m just teasing. Best wishes for your new life. Good luck and god bless.

  8. Church Avatar

    Damn, that was an awesome idea!

  9. Congrats Karina and Dean.

  10. SittingDown Avatar

    maligayang bati sa inyong kasal