Stabilize Your AR-15 Pistol – Pimp Slap Someone With Powdered Free Hand

Luckily deemed by the ATF not to be a buttstock, so it won’t turn your AR-15 Pistol into an SBR:

$140 over at Sig Sauer.

0:49 – The baby powder is what you put on your hand so it leaves an imprint on their face when you pimp slapI suggest pimp slapping anyone who makes a snide remark about your brace, or anyone who happens to muzzle sweep you that day.

You might remember when I first posted about a rough prototype of this which an member invented.  I’m really happy someone brought this to market and is helping out disabled veterans in the process by donating part of the proceeds to Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA).  Am I the only one who doesn’t like the word “portion”?  Like just come out and say it… are you donating pennies from every sale or are you donating a large percentage of the profit?  It makes huge difference in my mind, how much I end up caring about the gesture.  Being the pessimistic person I am, not knowing the percentage makes my care level initially very low.

No official word on if all girls will need to lean back using this… or if it’s just a persistent issue for the girl in the video:



Am I the only one that wants to see auto fire dual wield videos with these things?

Thoughts? Learn something about powdering from this post today, and fixing to try it out this weekend?


24 responses to “Stabilize Your AR-15 Pistol – Pimp Slap Someone With Powdered Free Hand”

  1. Didn’t we see a veteran roll this concept out months ago. Maybe a collab?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Trolling or actually didn’t read post? I find it difficult to tell occasionally.

      1. The video on sig’s site (I presume the same one you linked) says it was indeed “veteran designed”

  2. Critter Avatar

    interesting toy. not sure of real world applications, but looks like something fun for the range. i like how they genuflected to the whole hunting idea, as if to give themselves a little cover. not that i don’t think one Could hunt with such a thing, but i can’t think of a scenario that it would be likely.

  3. This invention is why SBR laws are the dumbest thing ever.

    1. yeah, I was just going to post something about that…it looks like you could easily use this as a stock.

    2. dillnwede Avatar

      remember the sling shot? then they came out with the wrist rocket! seems very similar. but I want one to fit my 1917 1911 colt!

  4. SittingDown Avatar


  5. Badass Avatar

    Critter, I used to hunt wild boar duel wielding bayonetted 44mags, so how could you not use this.

  6. Thomas Chagrin Avatar
    Thomas Chagrin

    Yeah, and what IS with so many chicks leaning back to shoot? Shotguns, rifles, pistols. It’s maddening. Bitches will lean in and get aggressive when they are bitching at you, but they stay as farrrrrrrr back as possible when shooting. I…….don’t know what to make of that. :-/

    1. Dallas Avatar


    2. spencer Avatar

      It helps with balance…. until the recoil hits, but we all know 5.56 doesn’t have a lot of that. Think about it. If you were an inexperienced shooter that weighed 110 – 140lbs and you were holding a rifle arms length away it’d be hard not to lean back a bit. It’s just a bad natural instinct

      I’m certain that inexperienced male shooters do it as well, but it’s less noticeable because A:most of us don’t think it’s cute to post photos of ourselves shooting ‘like a girl’, and B: we weigh more on average and therefore have less trouble holding 4-10lbs away from our bodies.

    3. dillnwede Avatar

      my wife ain’t no bitch asshole! and keep off the range when she is there because she is dead on at 400 yds. and no she is too old for menopause, just don’t piss her off! and yes there are a lot of ladies learning to shoot do defend them from criminals that the police are just minutes away when seconds count. ps your attitude sucks.

      1. ThomasChagrin Avatar

        Yes, because I was talking about YOUR wife specifically. Please… Grow up. The only bitch here is you, being a Keyboard Bitch. So tough behind a computer screen. Way to take a humorous convo and make a thing out of it.

  7. The gun is now a true extension of your arm. I LOVE IT!

  8. I think I had an action figure when I was a kid that had a rifle that snapped on his arm that way. Possible copy write infringement?

  9. Mega man?

  10. Capt. Glenn Avatar
    Capt. Glenn

    I can see this bad scenario in my head. “Sir, put down your weapon…., drop your weapon now!”
    Followed by the sound of gunfire as you struggle to get the thing off your arm.

    1. Frank Avatar

      That’s exactly what I was thinking.

      I guess open carrying this would be a little difficult.

  11. dave w Avatar

    Duel wielding? Pfffft, unless i see a quadruple wielding, skydiving gunfight i aint watching.

  12. Chris Avatar

    Obviously a successful attempt to skirt SBR laws.

  13. doyletoo Avatar

    OK, my thoughts:

    1. never have understood why the hell anyone would want an AR “pistol”.
    2. If you need a brace because you can’t steady the thing, refer to point #1 (above)
    (and maybe you should have bought a real pistol)
    3. If you’ve already spent $600-900 (pre-lunacy pricing)on one of these monstrosities, and you spend
    another $140, then you could have had a decent carbine for this money, so again,
    refer to point #1 (top)

    1. My guess is either 1) Their state prohibits SBR’s, 2) State prohibits conceal carry rifles, so an AR pistol would make a great, “trunk gun,” or, 3) too lazy to do SBR process. I think the solution to case 1 and 3 is the bullpup.

    2. BuffDriver Avatar

      Well one reason someone would want an AR pistol is if they are missing an arm. I am only assuming here but I bet the Veteran that thought this up had someone in mind (possibly himself) that couldn’t shoot an AR due to injury.