Gun Control Butthurt On Universal Background Check Failure

MrColionNoir breaks it down:

MrColionNoir-ENDO-Keep-CalmI often wonder if I’m one of the only ones who gets all his rap and pop culture references.  Not saying lots of others don’t either, but my experience on the blog is it seems like many of the ones I make go over people’s heads.

The delivery on this vid was especially good.



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  1. Al Cohol Avatar

    Don’t worry, your not alone. I get his references and yours too. I do wonder if I’m one of the only ones who reads your blog and understands all your references.

    I know for a fact very few people got Colion Noir’s reference to Kid Cudi albums on his recent FN 5.7 video. Probably way over most Operators heads.

  2. Rap isn’t ‘merican. I ain’t get it.

    I get some of them, but others I’m in the dark.

  3. Taylor TX Avatar
    Taylor TX

    Lol Mike, I think its because you love making the same kind of rap references on a regular basis. However I did get pretty good lulz from the Warren G reference about “I bet those girls know whats up with the 213”.

    I particularly enjoyed the use of the word “buffoonery”, but sadly, none of the koolaid drinkers with probably ever see this.

  4. I’ve always loved his vids but damn, this one was real as fuck.

    Love this man!

  5. Shall not be Infringed = Not limited, Not restricted, Not Controlled.

    Well Regulated = Well manned and Equipped. (not govt controlled)

    Militia = All gun owners capable and willing to fighting. (not enlisted men under contract)

    Arms = Ordinary Military Equipment (not crew operated)

    These definitions came out of the 1939 United States vs Miller Supreme Court case.

    Liberty is worth the Risk of DEATH !!!

    1. As much as I agree with you, even here in the south most would just give up their guns.

      Hell, we can’t even get 30% of the country to give a fuck about the presidential election every 4 years. Most fudds, tacticool operators and industry peeps would just go “here ya go” if JBT came to get the guns.

      Hint: that JBT, is your local sherrif deputy or city LEO contracted by the Feds. He is just “doing his job”.

  6. Use the Red Crayon and you’ll end up thrown down a very deep rabbit hole
    Use the Blue Crayon and we’ll all know you are the kind of legislator that has to have a cork on the end of his fork when he eats his applesauce.

  7. He is eloquent, passionate and has the gumption to come up with original arguments. Wish we had more like him in 97 when we lost our handguns in the UK.