Operators In Naval Special Warfare Operations PEW PEW PEW America

A fan made US Naval Special Warfare DEVGRU Recruitment Video:

*eye roll* @ the suppressed fire sounds.  I think it would have been more effective to just not have any firing sounds than those dumb movie-type ones.

Besides that there was obviously some cool footage because those guys do cool stuff.  Who is this recruiting you ask?  COD nerds everywhere now brushing the Cheeto dust off their shirts, telling their moms to get their tactical load out from the rubbermaid containers in the garage, and starting to do some physical training.

Tactical-Operator-Military-VanEvery time I see night vision I am always reminded how bulky it is.. that does NOT look like fun to wear.  Beats dying though obviously.


Hat tip: Scott, Mike


24 responses to “Operators In Naval Special Warfare Operations PEW PEW PEW America”

  1. HA HA HA it’s from “Zero-dark-thirty” and “Act of Valor”… (first one is a pretty good movie btw, the second one is OK if you’re a fan of Multicam, tactical operators who operate in operations and good feelings all the way).

  2. Don’t listen to Jeep, Zero Dark Thirty should have been shot in the face. 3hrs about a ginger with a grudge…

    1. +1

      1. BBJones Avatar

        +1. Act of Valor is not a perfect movie but at least you don’t need a rape shower after watching it like you do with Zero Dark Thirty.

        From the genius that convinced stupid housewives everywhere that you can be mentally disturbed and semi-suicidal be in EOD. We all know bomb techs like to put themselves, their team, and anyone else who might be around at risk so they can look like a badass. Someone tell Kathryn Bigelow to make Point Break 2 and stop making politically charged military movies.

  3. Yes, that’s what I mean. 3 hours about a ginger.
    Seriously I was expecting something worse, so apart from the (too) long duration of the movie, it is quite a good surprise… and the final assault is really bad ass.

    And the ginger is HOT.

  4. Roman Scott Avatar
    Roman Scott

    Ow. I sprained something rolling my eyes at the “pew pew.” Who edited this, a ten year old?

    1. No Name Avatar

      You beat me to the “pew pew” joke!

  5. Oh my, somebody has never heard a suppressor in person. :)

  6. Closed video at 0:38. Huge fucking fail. Ragequit.

  7. im actually laughing out loud at the suppressed 226 and suppressed mp7.

    literally, those are the SAME SOUNDS as from goldeneye.


    1. BBJones Avatar

      yep was going to say that is the suppressed sound from the original Golden Eye for Nintendo 64.

    2. Rickenbacker Avatar

      Yeah, i was thinking ‘that sounds exactly like it’s ripped from a Bond movie from the 80’s’

  8. Night vision: Once it’s on your face it’s really not that noticeable.

    1. CR Pyro Avatar

      The actual video for it is pretty good, too. And has the trademarked Lou Diamond Phillips smirk.


  9. Whoa whoa whoa guys. I just wasted 3 minutes of my life listening to those silencer shots.

    This vid is a FAN-FILM. I very much doubt you will ever see this broadcast on television trying to recruit anyone.

  10. This video had a little bit of potential, then the sound effects started…

  11. Great video until the fucking pew pew came into play. Thtat ruined the whole thing.

  12. Looked like Myriad Pro at the end there… FUck that. Use a better font…. Shit… I have a dozen that would have worked better than that, and they ARENT stencil.

    1. Should’ve used Hobo or Comic Sans…they are almost as operator as stencil :-)

  13. Ninjavitis Avatar

    I might as well mention that the helo sounds were completely wrong too. Little birds have a buzz to them and you might catch a hint of the turbines depending on where you stand and if the pilot is pulling pitch or not.

  14. Kevin bacon Avatar
    Kevin bacon

    Ive worn current-gen night vision on a flight helmet and i gotta say it’s not that bad aside from smacking off something in the cockpit every time you turn your head and smacking you in the nose if you forget to lock them in the up position and look down lol. It’s amazing how much more you can see at night than in the day

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha that sounds VERY uncomfortable. I suppose it’s probably nothing compared to the other things you guys have to put up with non-stop though.

  15. SittingDown Avatar

    That van photo looks like a van full of Zangiefs.