America’s Gun – The Rise of the AR-15 (Trailer)

Coming to CNBC Thursday April 25th 10p ET/PT:

Assault-Rifle-Because-I-Am-BlackOMG assault rifles!  Hopefully they put the video online, I’m assuming it will be be good for some LOLz.



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  1. 10 seconds in “STEEL and plastic” *facepalm sigh

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahaha yea steel! Can you imagine?

  2. Another hit piece…don’t you just love legalized propaganda?

  3. Hard_Harry Avatar

    This will be the AR15 version of that Remington 700 hit piece they did a few years ago.

  4. derpmaster Avatar

    Hahaha I love the absolutely laughable drawings of rifles on the anti-gun posters.

  5. Hey that guy at 1:58 looks awfully familiar!

  6. Crunkleross Avatar

    Looks like they interviewed Yeager, soooooooo at least we won’t be represented as bat shit crazy man killers.

    1. Taylor TX Avatar
      Taylor TX

      Yea I noticed that as well, talk about a teaser at the end of a trailer. Literally, i feel like I am trying to be brainwashed while watching this. At some point, maybe some guerrilla strikes on media outlets would be a good thing

      1. I think you’re on to something here!

  7. Oh goodie another State run media story on firearms.

  8. lighttech Avatar

    you just know it will be “fair and balanced”

    if the show is 1 hour the ANTI gun group will get 55 mins of showing death -destruction -dead kids- weeping parents -and screaming in your face gun grabbers who call magazines, clips–and shoulder stocks with the “thingy that goes up” or heat seeking bullets or those guns ARE ALL FULL AUTO!!!!

    the other 5 min will be 2 for commercials and 3 showing one gun user who is near batshit!!!!!

  9. I wonder if Eugene Stoner would even be mentioned

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      They will probably even be like “Stoner was the nickname given to Eugene because all he did was make weapons and do drugs”

  10. “Born on the battlefield” anyone else picture Eugene Stoner in Vietnam milling the first M-16s while a firefight is going on?

    1. “Born on the runway” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

      1. neither does ‘born on the back of a flyer, on a workbench in a garage, just along from the extra fridge, near last years gardening supplies but above the partly used paint cans that are slowly setting hard’.

  11. “Born on the battlefield…”

    Wasn’t the Air Force the first to adopt the design roughly 5 years after they were introduced? Not to denigrate but I thought the Air Force fought their battles above the battlefield.


  12. Cuban Pete Avatar
    Cuban Pete

    Keep that plastic toy. I’ll stick with Mother Russia’s indestructible SEMI-AUTOMATIC rifle.

  13. So, there are 4 million AR-15s in America, and what, maybe 10-20 of them have been used to murder people?
    I’d bet they don’t throw that graph on the screen.

  14. I am just so glad that I don’t have satellite or cable. If I did, I would be constantly hoarse from yelling at the TV.

    Besides, I have as yet to see an AR-15 firing in full auto mode.

  15. I like how they show the Automatic AR. Can’t wait to see the comments from the scared left whack jobs after this propaganda documentary airs. The loony left never ceases to make me laugh.

  16. I thought that GLOCK was “America’s Gun” … according to that book

  17. These shows are gun bashing shows garbage televisions. Never have the info on the gun and the history of it, just how it kills people

  18. Our team wanted to understand the AR-15’s immense popularity on both sides of the debate and go beyond the clichés. Portraying the AR-15 negatively is not the objective of the documentary and we can reassure all owners and enthusiasts that we aren’t choosing a side.

    Here’s a clip from the special:

    “America’s Gun: The Rise of the AR-15” premieres tomorrow Thursday, April 25th aat 10p ET/PT.

    1. The assumption that it will be another hatchet job comes from your own advertising. The clip ENDO posted included a chunk showing an M-16/M-4 firing in full automatic mode.

      The AR-15 does not have a full auto mode, but somehow that made it into the advertising clip. I don’t have cable, so I won’t be able to watch it. But unless there is some segment in there like this with a clear explanation of the difference between the two, I’m guessing it is a hatchet job.

    2. You/your special specifically states @2:13 in the clip that you just posted the link to: “AR-15 // semi-auto”….and yet I get to look at full-auto fire? 1:19 clearly shows full-auto fire in the clip posted above. What is your explanation for this? I await your response.

  19. Did anyone see this? Was it a hatchet job?

    1. Didn’t catch it…am going to find it now…

      Here if you guys wan to watch it:


  20. Thanks Seb.

    Full link:

    Just watched it. It was a fair and balanced hatchet job. They did put in the not a full auto; more powerful semi-auto rifles; etc. That was basically in the first 10-15 minutes. Then all the down sides and the guy printing his own was the last half. So by the time you got to the evil black gun stuff the typical viewer would have forgotten the balanced stuff.